Kaizen Questions and Answers

Kaizen Questions and AnswersKaizen is at the core of both the Toyota Production System and Lean manufacturing as it spurs continuously identifying areas of improvement while involving workers from the front line all the way up to the CEO. It is a methodology and philosophy origination from Japan that has been successfully used in workplaces around the world for decades. The practice of Kaizen focuses on small incremental changes that can be made relatively quickly that will eventually lead to large and noticeable improvements over time. Kaizen works through teamwork and communication to eliminate wastes and deliver high quality products while continuously looking for improvements of processes.

In this Q&A section, we look at all things Kaizen. Find out the principles that make up Kaizen and the tools and strategies that fall under the Kaizen umbrella. Explore the wastes that can be reduced for eliminated with the Kaizen and how to involve every worker in your facility for the best results. Learn the origins an evolution in Kaizen and how to implement in from the production line up to different departments. Whether you want to practice daily Kaizen or set up a series of Kaizen events, we’re here to help!


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