Lockout Tagout Questions and Answers

Lockout tagout is a strategy used in numerous industries where heavy machinery exists alongside the eventual need for maintenance and repair. LOTO’s purpose is to allow those who are working on the machine to say safe from the dangers of either a sudden release of energy or another worker accidentally turning the machine on while maintenance is taking place. LOTO enables the maintenance worker to lock the power supply from being turned on while also tagging the equipment with their information and reasons why it cannot be turned on at the moment. This method is a great way to eliminate electrical and machine hazards, and to protect those working directly with the equipment.

Topics covered:
We will dive into all things LOTO to ensure that you have enough information to implement this safety protocol in your facility. LOTO is required by OSHA and its use means you prevent accidents by ensuring power is not restored to machinery t the wrong time. We are here to help you learn all about LOTO to protect your employees. Some of the topics we will be covering include:

  • LOTO procedure: We will go over the five steps in a LOTO procedure that are essential for its proper use within the workplace.
  • Goals and benefits of a LOTO program: There is much to gain by using LOTO with the main idea being an increase in safety for employees.
  • When LOTO should be used: Despite being required by OSHA, here we will discuss when using LOTO is appropriate. There are several instances where LOTO is essential for the safety of employees. Don’t miss out on learning about these!

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