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ANSI standards can be seen everywhere you look, from electronic component standards to safety color standards to virtually any consumer product you could think of. Currently, ANSI has more than 10,000 existing standards, many of which are still followed by businesses regardless of the fact that they are voluntary. ANSI has obtained a well-known reputation for putting forth standards that have been proven to improve safety, efficiency, and productivity within the workplace, as well as the production of consumer safe products developed under those standards.  

Topics covered:
Before exploring the complex world of ANSI standards and how they improve innumerable facets of safety in the workplace, there are a few key things to look for in these Q&A posts that hold a lot of weight in understanding what exactly ANSI does. You will learn about:

  • Safety standards: Learn how and why the American National Standards Institute develops safety standards with the help of ANSI accredited organizations.
  • Following best practice methods: Following ANSI standards means you are complying with OSHA’s best practice method regulation. These Q&A posts will cover why OSHA is able to enforce ANSI standards even though they are voluntary.
  • ANSI certification: Becoming ANSI certified is immensely beneficial to the individual who has obtained the certification because it proves their excellence in any safety related topic.

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