How much does a warehouse scanning solution cost?

Oftentimes, plans for warehouse improvements get held up solely by the costs associated with bringing on a new improvement strategy. Unfortunately, continuous improvement doesn’t come free. But on terms of how much it costs to have a new scanning solution set up for a warehouse, the costs even out quickly in terms of how much more efficient the warehouse becomes.

Barcoding Labels

The first thing to consider when choosing a warehouse barcoding and scanning system is how the labels will be acquired. There are two options for this:

  • Ordering customized labels from a supplier – While this may be useful for large batches it can be quite cost prohibitive since labels can often be $1- 4 dollars each depending on the material and size of the label. The buyer must also wait for the labels to be made and shipped to their location.
  • Purchasing an industrial label printer to make them on-site – Unlike the first option, owning a label printer allows for virtually no wait times to complete a labeling project. While it may be a higher up-front cost, this option will eventually pay for itself since the labels themselves can cost less than $0.50 cents each to make.

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Scanning Barcodes

Next, the user must consider the cost of the scanning equipment. This includes the physical scanning equipment as well as the software that is required for the information to be uploaded to a computer database.

  • The scanner – This piece of equipment has varying degrees of cost as well as accessibility in terms of its capabilities.
  • There are mobile computers with built in scanners that exist. These are oftentimes the most expensive option being at or above $2,000.
  • The more recognizable handheld scanners that can be found being used in hardware stores are also a viable option. These are often less than $200 per scanner but requires a cord for it to be hooked up to a computer to transfer the data.
  • The last option for this involves mobile smart devices. There are apps that can be downloaded that enable the user to use their smart phone as a barcode scanner. However, this option often requires a subscription.
  • Barcoding software – Obtaining a software that will generate the label is an important aspect of implementing this system for inventory management. There are a variety of options on the market for this and many of them come with varying additional services such as tracking inventory activity or serial number tracking. These services often come with a fee ranging from free to over $200 a month. Remember, the cost will reflect the abilities that a software has, some may only generate the barcode while others may also keep track of data.

With all of that being said, there is no definite number for how much setting up a warehouse scanning solution will cost a company since there are so many different options for this kind of inventory management practice. However, Creative Safety Supply has an affordable barcoding bundle with everything a business needs to immediately start their barcoding journey.


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