Wall Sign: (Mylan Logo) Washroom 8"x20" (Mounted on 3mm PVC)

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Wall Sign: (Mylan Logo) Washroom 8"x20" (Mounted on 3mm PVC)

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  • Industrial Laminate mounted on 3mm PVC Backing 
  • Mylan Logo (Bottom Right)
  • For different sizing or different style of laminate please contact your Account Representative, if you do not have their contact information please call 1-866-777-1360 and Customer Service will direct you to the correct person.

This wall sign simply says, “Washroom” on it. It provides a very clear message that the room where this sign is located is a washroom. The sign itself is 8” x 20” so it will be easy to see from all around the area. It is mounted on 3mm PVC as well, which will help ensure that it remains in good shape even after years of use. You can hang the sign on walls, doors or just about anywhere else that it would be helpful for your facility.

Having a sign in place to let people know where the washroom is located can be very beneficial for the facility. First, it will help ensure people don’t have to waste time or effort walking around looking for it when they need it. This can be essential when someone was exposed to potentially dangerous chemicals, for example, and they need to get cleaned off before it causes real damage. Of course, it can also be helpful just because it is nice to ensure people know where the washrooms are located.

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Wall Sign: (Mylan Logo) Washroom 8"x20" (Mounted on 3mm PVC)

Wall Sign: (Mylan Logo) Washroom 8"x20" (Mounted on 3mm PVC)


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