Hazard Warning Signs

Hazard warning signs are crucial to staying compliant and safe. OSHA requires that employers post hazard warning signs that are in compliance with the ANSI Z535 standards.

Since these signs need to comply with specific standards, they must meet guidelines and format that uses the proper header, signal word, pictogram, and text. These signs are required to use words like Danger, Caution, Warning to notify workers and visitors of the severity of the potential hazards ahead. Additionally, hazard warning signs have been designated to certain colors based on their danger categories.

Below, you’ll find common signs related to electrical safety, machine safety, personal protective equipment, and more. If you’d like a custom hazard sign or label, get in touch. We can make signs that meet your exact specifications.

For more information about how to comply to these standards, read more in our Guide to OSHA Safety Signs.

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  • SafetyTac Hazard

    SafetyTac® Hazard Floor Marking Tape SafetyTac® Hazard floor marking tape is designed to draw attention to dangerous areas in the workplace, while also holding up to the tough conditions of an industrial facility. The two-tone stripe pattern... More details

  • SafetyTac LEAN Hazard

    SafetyTac® Lean Hazard Floor Marking Tape SafetyTac® LEAN Hazard combines the eye-catching pattern of hazard tape with the ultra-low profile of SafetyTac® LEAN. SafetyTac® LEAN Hazard is available in 3 striped color combinations that... More details

  • Overhead Hazards

    Production Area: Watch for Overhead Hazards - Industrial Floor Sign This yellow/black floor sign warns people to watch for overhead hazards in marked production areas. It's made of industrial-grade vinyl that holds up to forklift and other machinery... More details

  • Tripping Hazard

    Tripping Hazard Floor Sign This floor sign warns workers to pay attention to walking surfaces. It's designed for use in an industrial envirnoment, so it can withstand extreme conditions. Customize this hazard signs for no additional fee. If you would... More details

  • Hazardous Waste Floor Sign

    Printed on industrial-grade vinyl Low-profile material that can withstand pedestrian and forklift traffic No hassle - Peel-&-stick installation More durable than paint This floor sign says, “Hazardous Waste” on it and has a... More details

  • Warning: Fall Hazard - Wall Sign

    Warning: Fall Hazard - Wall Sign A Warning: Fall Hazard wall sign is a simple improvement to visual warnings in a facility, but can actually be life saving. These types of signs are most often placed anywhere that there is a ledge or other height which... More details

  • Caution Tripping Hazard Wall Sign

    Caution Tripping Hazard Wall Sign Tripping hazards can cause severe injuries. Post our “Caution Tripping Hazard" wall sign anywhere one of these hazards exists. This sign features a bright yellow background with bold black lettering and includes... More details

  • Warning: Shear Hazard - Wall Sign

    Warning: Shear Hazard - Wall Sign Warning: Shear Hazard wall signs will alert people to the presence of a sharp item that can cut off hands, fingers, arms or even a head. In most cases these signs will be placed near cutting machinery that could quickly... More details

  • Caution Slipping Hazard Wall Sign

    Caution Slipping Hazard Wall Sign Does your facility have slipping hazards? Post a “Caution Slipping Hazard" wall sign near any area with slipping hazards to make people aware of the danger. We customize! We specialize in customized signs that are... More details

  • Danger Electrical Hazard Wall Sign

    Danger Electrical Hazard Wall Sign Never take electrical hazard lightly. Even small electrical hazards are capable of creating large fires and catastrophic personal injuries. To help ensure the safety of all employees around these hazards, make sure to... More details

  • Warning: Biohazard - Wall Sign

    Warning: Biohazard – Wall Sign Biohazard wall signs can alert people that they are entering an area where biohazardous materials could be present. This type of visual notification of the risk of biohazards is absolutely essential because of the... More details

  • Blind Corner - Wall Sign

    Blind Corner - Proceed With Caution Wall Sign Mounted on a durable 3mm PVC signboard Meets 2016 ANSI sign standards Industrial, long-lasting materials Custom signs available, please call 1-866-777-1360 No set-up charge & no extra charges for... More details

  • Caution - Fall Hazard - Wall Sign

    Caution - Fall Hazard - Wall Sign Some job sites and locations have inherent hazards.  The unique graphic of this sign is ideal for locations that have a hazardous opening in the floor, such as a crane or wind turbine.  This tough sign can be... More details

  • Custom Signs

    Create a Custom Sign It's easy! and FREE! Customize an existing sign: Add company logo Change/add wording Change/add icons Change colors/layout -or- Create a new sign from scratch: Replacing a current sign in your facility or looking for a... More details

  • Hazardous Storage Wall Sign

    Hazardous Storage - Wall Sign This storage sign features the GHS (Globally Harmonized System) pictograms.  Useful for all kinds of storage areas for all kinds of hazards.  This is a useful sign that will be easily understood to warn agains... More details

  • Warning: Burn Hazard - Wall Sign

    Warning: Burn Hazard - Wall Sign Wall signs saying, “Warning: Burn Hazard” can be the visual warning to people that they need when approaching hot areas. While most people know to watch out for things like fire, stoves, ovens and other... More details

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