Slippery When Wet Signs

Slippery When Wet Signs

Clearly alert individuals
to wet or icy conditions.

Visual communication such as “Slippery When Wet” signs help inform people of the hazard ahead and instructs them on how to avoid those dangers. These warning signs reduce the risk of accidents, which means facilities can keep workers safe while promoting efficiency and productivity.

Remember: a safe workplace is a successful workplace. There are plenty of Lean strategies that work to establish this objective from beginning to end, with visual communication being the primary focus.

The Cause of Slippery Surfaces

There are all sorts of reasons why a surface can become slippery. The most common being a freshly mopped floor. Other examples include chemical spills such as oil or solvents, mud and dirt, dust, freshly applied wax or polish, and ice.

Alerting employees of these dangerous conditions can prevent trips, save them from acquiring serious injuries as well as avoid any lost time and wages from injury recovery periods.

Environments Where “Slippery When Wet” Signs are Needed

Slippery when wet markings can be utilized practically anywhere by all sorts of businesses. Use them in industrial environments, manufacturing facilities, and even in fast food restaurants to alert customers of a slippery surface.

OSHA Compliant Caution Signs and Labels

Wet floor signs are made with the toughest materials we could find, so you can be sure they’ll last a long time in harsh conditions. These wet floor markings are available with OSHA-compliant headings, signal words, and symbols. Creative Safety Supply’s floor sign material is built to have a low profile, performing well against heavy foot and forklift traffic. Keep your workplace safe and compliant. Let slippery when wet signs reduce the risk of workplace injury.

Ensuring Safety with Visual Communication

Need something special? We’ve got you covered. Creative Safety Supply is happy to customize signs and labels with unique messages to meet your needs for no extra charge. Just give us a call at 1-886-777-1360!

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