Guard Dog Signs

Guard Dog Signs

Warn potential trespassers of
guard dogs on premises.

Guard dogs are often used as an additional aspect to jobsite security systems. These dogs are effective for alerting employees of intruders and enforcing private property boundaries. Typically, a notice of the presence of a guard dog is required to be posted. Creative Safety Supply’s guard dog signs are your solution for providing this notice, so potential trespassers understand the consequences of coming onsite.

Guard dog signs can even be used to deter trespassers from homes. The possibility of running into a frightening dog can be quite the deterrent for criminal activity.

Warn Visitors of Dog(s)

Where there may be a need to protect the area with a guard dog, there is also the responsibility of protecting visitors from the dog as well. Some people are terrified of dogs, perhaps from a previous dog attack where they were bitten or some other situation. Giving those people a warning regarding the presence of a dog is often the best course of action.

When to Use Guard Dog Signs

Guard dogs are specifically trained to protect the safety of those in the area whereas ‘beware of dog’ signs are often used to alert visitors that there are dogs on the premises. With that being said, guard dog signs are meant to send a stronger message to those who choose to enter the area.

Guard dog signs can be seen at high end businesses, political offices, etc. The signs should be placed at entrances to buildings where the guard dog is going to be, or on fences before vehicles drive up to the property.

Materials Used to Make Guard Dog Signs

Our eye-catching guard dog signs can be mounted both indoors and outdoors and are made from materials that withstand water, chemicals, and other elements. With clear lettering and universal symbols, they provide immediate and understandable communication. Enhance your security system and ensure the protection of your property by investing in these guard dog signs today.

Custom ‘Beware of Dog’ Signs Available

Shop our selection of guard dog signs below! Can't find the right ‘beware of dog' sign you need? Give us a call at 1-866-777-1360 or email us at, we can customize any signage you need for free.

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