5S Lean Signs

5S Lean Signs

A 5S or Lean manufacturing program can improve workplace operations significantly. One way to achieve even more success with these programs is to use visual tools like 5S Lean signs. These signs can provide instructions about organization or wayfinding. They can also remind people about the steps of 5S—Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain—or about where in the workplace 5S is practiced. Safety signs can also enhance a 5S program by communicating information about working safely and efficiently.

These floor signs come in 7 sizes and are made from a durable material that will hold up to forklift and pedestrian traffic. They’re also easy to install. Just peel off the backing and apply the sign to a clean, dry floor. Don’t see the sign you’re looking for? Get in touch. We can customize any sign to meet your requirements.

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Custom Floor Sign

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  • Fire Exit - Keep Clear At All Times Floor Sign

    Fire Extinguisher Do Not Block Anywhere you have a fire extinguisher, it is smart to have one of these signs. Our Fire Extinguisher Do Not Block Signs warn people to keep fire safety areas clear and accessible. When fire safety equipment is easily... More details

  • Forklift Parking - full-color vinyl floor sign

    Forklift Parking (yellow sign with full-color print) - Industrial Floor Sign Have you ever moved the forklift for a short job and come back and had pallets or boxes stacked where you park the forklift? This "Forklift Parking" floor sign eliminates... More details

  • Eyewash Station Floor Sign

    Eyewash Station Floor Sign These signs signal to workers where they should go for first aid eyewash treatment. They hold up to traffic and are chemical and water-resistant. Customize with an image or text change at no extra charge. Call us at... More details

  • Emergency Shower and Eyewash  Floor Sign

    Emergency Shower and Eyewash Does your facility handle or house dangerous or caustic chemicals, solutions, oils, or solvents? If so, proper safety signage is critical to ensure the highest levels of safety.When a dangerous situation involving hazardous... More details

  • 6S Area Safety

    6S Area Sign Visual reinforcement is one of the top ways to instill lasting and meaningful habits. Our 6S Area Sign has this effect by reinforcing the six components of an efficient workplace. The 6S philosophy encompasses all of the same five components... More details

  • 5S Area Sign (Black)

    Long life against heavy industrial and foot traffic No-hassle peel-&-stick installation Does your business employ 5S? This is the perfect floor sign to effectively show your employees and facility visitors that they are entering a designated 5S... More details

  • General Trash Sign

    General Trash Sign - Industrial Floor Sign An important step within many 5S and 6S environments is organization. This is because organization leads to enhanced productivity. Our General Trash Sign helps to improve productivity and efficiency by... More details

  • 5S Red Tag Area Floor Sign

    Red Tag Area Floor Sign Don't risk having employees waste valuable work time searching for red tag areas. Instead, make red tag areas clear and concise with the help of a Red Tag Area Floor Sign. This way broken or unneeded items can be put exactly where... More details

  • 5S Sustain Vinyl Floor Sign - Color

    5S Sustain - Industrial Floor Sign  Our 5S Sustain industrial floor sign is a great communication tool to use in your 5S progam. In order to keep 5S practices up to par, it is important to have visual reminders about the steps of 5S in visible... More details

  • Recycle Plastic Sign

    Recycle Plastic Sign Our Recycle Plastic Signs are great for organizing recycling bins and other containers. These signs are easy to understand and serve as helpful reminders that plastic is being recycled in a nearby bin. Our floor signs are top rated... More details

  • Finished Goods Floor Sign

    Finished Goods Our Finished Goods Floor Signs are great for identifying where finished goods should be placed. This type of signage also aligns with both 5S and Lean Methodologies by enhancing organization and increasing awareness. In addition to a vast... More details

  • Recycle Paper Sign

    Recycle Paper Sign Are you looking for good quality, heavy-duty, industrial floor signs? We offer a wide variety of floor signs to help improve the safety and productivity of your workplace. Our Recycle Paper Sign communicates where paper should be... More details

  • Metal Reject Floor Sign

    Our Metal Reject Floor Sign marks locations where metal reject containers should be placed. These highly visible signs make metal reject containers easy to find and put away.Our floor signs feature low-profile, heavy-duty vinyl so signs can last even in... More details

  • Return To Stock Floor Sign

    Return to Stock Floor Sign There is usually a specified location for items that need to be returned to stock. Help to create visual awareness of this location by using our Return to Stock Sign. This sign helps make organization in the workplace just a... More details

  • Recycle Green Floor Sign

    Implementing a visual workplace where everyone knows what to do and when to do it is no easy task. At Creative Safety Supply, we have taken the time to create the highest quality visual products out of the toughest material around to help you with your... More details

  • Scrap Wire floor sign

    It’s amazing what kind of impact good organization and clear labeling can have on efficiency and productivity. At Creative Safety Supply, we understand how important it is to create products that help our customers make a visual workplace that fits... More details

  • Slippery When Wet B (Floor Sign)

    Slippery When Wet B (Floor Sign) Use this sign to alert workers to slip and fall hazards. Features Durable plastic construction For indoor or outdoor use Easy to install - just peel and stick! Bright yellow for maximum visibility Customize at no... More details

  • Staging - Floor Sign

    Staging - Floor Sign   Visually communicating the process of production allows those who are not part of the production team a way of understanding how the process works and at what point certain steps are implemented. This also helps new hires... More details

  • Emergency Shower and Eyewash Floor Sign: Right Arrow

    Emergency Shower and Eyewash Floor Sign: Right Arrow These signs specifically indicate that the first aid eyewash station in your facility is to the right. These floor signs hold up to vehicle and forklift traffic and they are resistant to UV rays and... More details

  • Emergency Shower/Eyewash - L Arrow

    Emergency Shower and Eyewash Floor Sign Left Arrow Emergency shower and eyewash signs are imperative to the overall safety of many industrial work environments. Let's face it, if employees don't know the locations of these showers and wash stations, how... More details

  • 5S Steps Awareness Package

    This package is the perfect way to reinforce 5S principles using visuals. Keep your employees focused on applying and maintaining 5S techniques. Notify your guests and potential customers or business partners that your facility strives for excellence by... More details

  • Clean Rags Floor Sign

    Our industrial strength Clean Rags sign was made to mark where clean rag bins belong in your shop or facility. When rags do not have a designated location, they often end up all over the place. Stop the madness and confusion and create a more organized... More details

  • 6S Cycle ‚Äì Floor Sign

    6S Cycle – Floor Sign The 6S Cycle Floor Sign helps remind employees of the Six Sigma Methodology, in order to increase efficiency and productivity within the workplace. Just like 5S, the 6S System asks workers to clean around work stations, while... More details

  • 5S Sustain Awareness Package

    This 5S package includes a variety of carefully selected visual reminders to help sustain the principles and practices associated with 5S. These visual products not only remind employees about pertinent 5S practices, but they make other people such as... More details

  • Ladder Parking - Floor Sign

    Ladder Parking - Floor Sign   Perfect for industrial warehouses and large scale retail businesses, this “Ladder Parking” sign is a great way to address to staff where the facilities ladder should be returned after use. Large warehouse... More details

  • 5S Red Tag holding Area - Floor Sign

    5S Red Tag holding Area - Floor Sign   Tagging and sorting using 5S Red Tags is the best way to filter through unwanted and unnecessary items in the workplace. Keeping unnecessary items out of production is the best way to cut down on wasted space... More details

  • Film Waste Floor Sign

    The Film Waste Floor Sign is for the floor manager who wants to keep the material discard process under control. Employees can often get messy, or the discard bin goes astray because it was never officially ‘put in its place’. This... More details

  • Recycling Container 1 Floor Sign

    Implementing a visual workplace where everyone knows what to do and when to do it is no easy task. At Creative Safety Supply, we have taken the time to create the highest quality visual products out of the toughest material around to help you with your... More details

  • Full Waste Drum Floor Sign

    Where does this go? Ever wish you could eliminate this question from your facility? A high-quality, high-resolution industrial floor sign can help.  At Creative Safety Supply, we understand how important it is to create a facility where everyone... More details

  • Recycle Plastic (Spanish) Floor Sign

    RECICLAJE DE PLÁSTICOS Floor SIgn Our Recycle Plastic Signs are great for organizing recycling bins and other containers. This Spanish version on our popular sign is useful if your facility has Spanish speaking employees or visitors. These signs... More details

  • Product Change Butyl Floor Sign

    Big or small, keeping your facility in order can be a difficult task without the right tools to assist you. Here at Creative Safety Supply, we understand the importance of a visual workplace and the value it can add to your organization, which is why we... More details

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