Lab Safety Signs

Because laboratories and research centers often contain a vast array of chemicals and other harmful substances, these environments are rife with potential hazards. It’s for this reason that lab safety signs are so important in protecting workers from accidents. Critical work occurs in labs; proper signage helps that work continue without being interrupted by preventable accidents.

Lab safety signs come in various colors, sizes, and messaging. Eyewash Station floor signs are built with industrial-grade material that was designed to endure heavy foot and forklift traffic, and these signs are chemical, water, and UV-resistant.

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  • Fire Sprinkler Water

    Pipe Labels: Fire Sprinkler Water Industrial facilities can be dangerous, and pipe marking labels are needed to keep employees and maintenance personnel safe. This label is for pipes containing Fire Sprinkler Water. Our pre-printed Fire Sprinkler Water... More details

  • Sprinkler Fire

    Sprinkler Fire Pipe Labels These fire sprinkler labels will ensure people know what pipes contain. Printed using our top-selling LabelTac® Industrial Label Printers, these pre-made pipe marking labels make it easy and cost-effective to label... More details

  • Eyewash Station

    Eyewash Station Floor Sign These signs signal to workers where they should go for first aid eyewash treatment. They hold up to traffic and are chemical and water-resistant. Customize with an image or text change at no extra charge. Call us at... More details

  • Emergency Shower and Eyewash

    Emergency Shower and Eyewash Does your facility handle or house dangerous or caustic chemicals, solutions, oils, or solvents? If so, proper safety signage is critical to ensure the highest levels of safety.When a dangerous situation involving hazardous... More details

  • Fire Protection Water

    Pipe Labels: Fire Protection Water Industrial facilities can be dangerous, but pipe marking labels can help keep employees and maintenance personnel safe. This label is for pipes that contain Fire Protection Water. Our pre-printed Fire Protection Water... More details

  • Fire Extinguisher (Vertical) Label

    This label says, “FIRE EXTINGUISHER” on it in bold white letters on a black background. It also has a large white arrow pointing down. It is a vertical label that is designed to be placed above where the fire extinguisher is kept so that... More details

  • Fire/Smoke Damper

    Pipe Labels: Fire/Smoke Damper Industrial facilities can be hazardous places, and pipe marking labels are necessary to keep employees and maintenance personnel safe. This label is for the Fire/Smoke Damper pipes. Our pre-printed Fire/Smoke Damper... More details

  • Fire Sprinklers

    Pipe Labels: Fire Sprinklers Industrial facilities can be hazardous places, and proper pipe marking labels can help keep employees and maintenance personnel safe. This label is for Fire Sprinklers. Our pre-printed Fire Sprinklers labels quickly... More details

  • Emergency Shower/Eyewash - L Arrow

    Emergency Shower and Eyewash Floor Sign Left Arrow Emergency shower and eyewash signs are imperative to the overall safety of many industrial work environments. Let's face it, if employees don't know the locations of these showers and wash stations, how... More details

  • Emergency Shower/Eyewash - R Arrow

    Emergency Shower and Eyewash Floor Sign: Right Arrow These signs specifically indicate that the first aid eyewash station in your facility is to the right. These floor signs hold up to vehicle and forklift traffic and they are resistant to UV rays and... More details

  • Toxic Triangle Label

    An easy-to-understand symbol on a bright yellow background. Adds visibility and awareness about toxic substances. Ideal for labeling smaller containers or machines that use toxic chemicals. 3 size options available Easy peel-and-stick... More details

  • Chemical Feed

    Chemical Feed Pipe Marking Labels In any factory or manufacturing facility, it is important to know the difference between a water pipe and one used to transport chemicals.  This pre-made pipe marking label is printed with "Chemical Feed" and can... More details

  • Lab Coats Must Be Worn

    Lab Coats Must Be Worn - Industrial Floor Sign  Text: Lab coats must be worn in this area. Holds up to heavy foot and cart traffic. Features Durable & low-profile construction For indoor or outdoor use Easy to install - just peel and stick!... More details

  • Caution - Gloves Required Label

    Remind workers to use the proper hand protection for specific work or in specific areas. Helps reduce hand injury risks such as cuts and burns. Great for construction sites and industrial environments. 3 size options available Easy peel-and-stick... More details

  • Emergency Eye Wash Label

    Label your emergency eye wash stations with both verbiage and the standardized eye washing symbol. Allows for easier identification of such safety stations, which leads to faster use of proper first aid after eye incidents. 3 size options... More details

  • Emergency Eye Wash Wall sign

    Emergency Eye Wash Wall Sign The eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of the body and when they come into contact with a dangerous substance, it is essential to wash them out quickly to prevent serious damage. Our “Emergency Eye Wash" wall sign... More details

  • Notice Visitor Eye Protection

    Notice Visitor Eye Protection Floor Sign  This floor sign warns visitors that they must where eye protection in the specified area. These floor signs are bright, easy to read, durable, and simple to install. They also hold up well to foot, truck,... More details

  • Danger - Flammable Label

    Remind workers to avoid smoking and using open flames near flammable substances. Help prevent fire hazards with these low-cost labels. 3 size options available Easy peel-and-stick application Strong adhesive for high durability Chemical, water, and... More details

  • Notice - Emergency Eyewash Label

    Label your eyewash stations for added visibility. Help ensure your employees know the location of these important emergency stations so they can quickly use them when needed. 3 size options available Easy peel-and-stick application Strong adhesive... More details

  • Danger - Chemical Storage Label

    Chemical storage must be taken seriously to reduce exposures that can cause acute or chronic illness. Label all of your chemical storage bins with these bright danger labels to emphasize the importance of safety when dealing with these chemicals. 3 size... More details

  • Eye Protection Area - Floor Sign

    Eye Protection Area – Industrial Floor Sign This Eye Protection Area industrial-grade floor sign is a perfect visual aid to help keep your employees aware of potential eye hazards. It’s simple, yet impactful design is complete with bright... More details

  • Emergency Eye Wash Station Label

    Emergency Eyewash Station Label Make sure all emergency eyewash stations are clearly and boldly labeled so employees know where they are and can easily access them when needed. When an eye emergency occurs, just a matter of a minute can make a huge... More details

  • Fire Exit - Wall Sign

    Fire Exit - Wall Sign Marking fire routes and exits is important for the safety of your facility.   This simple, effective sign is visible and easily readable. We create customized signs! Our team of professional sign designers will create a unique... More details

  • Caution - Flammable Label

    Keeps personnel and guests aware of flammable substances that could lead to fire hazards. Reduces risks of fires that may cause harm to people and damage to equipment. 3 size options available Easy peel-and-stick application Strong adhesive for high... More details

  • Ammonia Alarm Procedure - Wall Sign

    Ammonia Alarm Procedure - Wall Sign High levels of ammonia can prove to be incredibly toxic and could create irreversible health effects, such as lung damage and death. Because of its toxicity and dangerous side-effects, safety procedures are often put... More details

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