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OSHA standards require your workplace to have first aid kits accessible to employees. A first aid box should have supplies like bandages, gauze, wound cleaning agents, and scissors. The specific items and quantities needed depend on the type and size of workplace. Other first aid equipment such as emergency eyewash stations and showers must also be present, too, especially if your facility handles chemicals. 

In addition to first aid kits and equipment, businesses must also post appropriate safety signs pointing people to those first aid stations. Signs should be easy to read, noticeable from a distance, and resistant to damage so you don’t need to worry about replacing them often. First aid location signs can be posted in multiple spots, but placing signs on the floor is a particularly effective way to communicate about first aid equipment. Browse the selection of first aid floor signs below to find one that conveys the message you need. These signs hold up to foot and forklift traffic, come in multiple sizes, and are easy to install. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Get in touch. We can create a custom first aid sign for your business.

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  • Eyewash Station Floor Sign

    Eyewash Station Floor Sign These signs signal to workers where they should go for first aid eyewash treatment. They hold up to traffic and are chemical and water-resistant. Customize with an image or text change at no extra charge. Call us at... More details

  • Emergency Shower and Eyewash  Floor Sign

    Emergency Shower and Eyewash Does your facility handle or house dangerous or caustic chemicals, solutions, oils, or solvents? If so, proper safety signage is critical to ensure the highest levels of safety.When a dangerous situation involving hazardous... More details

  • First Aid Kit Floor Sign

    First Aid Kit Sign This First Aid Kit Sign is the perfect tool to help guide employees towards accessible first aid kits and supplies. First aid kits are an essential component to any industrial work setting, so make sure your employees know where first... More details

  • Emergency Shower and Eyewash Floor Sign Left Arrow Emergency shower and eyewash signs are imperative to the overall safety of many industrial work environments. Let's face it, if employees don't know the locations of these showers and wash stations, how... More details

  • Emergency Shower and Eyewash Floor Sign: Right Arrow

    Emergency Shower and Eyewash Floor Sign: Right Arrow These signs specifically indicate that the first aid eyewash station in your facility is to the right. These floor signs hold up to vehicle and forklift traffic and they are resistant to UV rays and... More details

  • AED - Pre Made Floor Sign Bundle Direct personnel to your facilities emergency AED (Automated External Defibrillator) with this easy to install Pre Made AED Floor Sign Bundle. This bundle includes one of our durable “AED” floor signs, along... More details

  • AED (Arrow Up) - Floor Signs   A great sign for hospitals, care centers, or any workplace with an accessible first aid storage, this AED floor sign is a perfect way to visually communicate the location of your facilities Automated External... More details

  • AED Inside - Floor Sign   This “AED Inside” floor sign is designed to quickly and accurately let everyone in the area know where your facilities Automated External Defibrillator is located. AED’s can often be found facilities... More details

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