Funny Safety Signs

Funny Safety Signs

Safety messages with
a sense of humor.

Sometimes you need something to break up the monotony of being at work. Our funny signs are the perfect product for that purpose. By using extremes and subtle silly phrases, we are happy to be able to put a smile on people’s faces when they walk into work or a public place.

It can even be argued that a funny sign may be better at getting something across than a bland and dry statement. Instead of saying “No Smoking” it might be more attention-grabbing to say, “If You’re Smoking, You’d Better Be on Fire.” That area will then for sure be smoke free.

Make Your Workers Smile with These Funny Signs

Did you know when you smile your brain releases endorphins? They are affectionately called the happiness hormones that improve your mood and decrease stress. Giving your employees a chance to smile at silly signs when performing work tasks leads to a more positive mind-set. Happier people tend to also be healthier, satisfied with their job, and even more productive.

Let your sense of humor shine through with these funny signs!

Use Hilarious Signs to Lighten the Mood

Nothing is worse than performing repetitive, boring tasks. Try lightening the mood with hilarious signs! Yes, safety is important, but mixing in a little bit of fun is an excellent way to catch people’s attention in being safe as well.

Material Options for Funny Signs

Creative Safety Supply only uses the best materials for its signs. Funny signs come in a variety of formats, sizes, and messaging options. Our floor signs are built with tough, industrial-grade material that can take whatever you throw at it—water, chemicals, heavy forklift traffic, you name it. Our, wall signs come in a variety of durable materials, including PVC, aluminum, adhesive-backed vinyl, and even static cling.

Explore Our Funniest Safety Signs

If you have a great idea for a funny sign for your specific needs that isn’t here, call us so we can help you with a custom sign at 866-777-1360 or email us at

Free OSHA Safety Signs E-Book

Free OSHA Safety Signs E-Book

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