Please Wait to be Seated Signs

Please Wait to be Seated

Clear signage for streamlined dining
and improved customer service.

While common restaurant signage might be often overlooked, a simple sign that reads ‘Please Wait to be Seated’ can provide a significant contribution to maintaining the smooth operation of any food establishment. Signs such as these help guide the customer as soon as they walk in while also setting the overall tone of the restaurant. Aside from the restaurant sign on the front of the building, a ‘Please Wait to be Seated’ sign may be the only other sign your customer comes across while entering your building, so it’s important that this sign communicates the atmosphere that they’ll be dining while letting them know that their needs will be taken care of. Not only does this sign offers the customer guidance, it also removes unnecessary workload from service staff. Instead of tasking one person to greet and inform multiple customers that they will eventually be seated, they can now to focus their energy on more important duties.

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Free OSHA Safety Signs E-Book

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