Employees Only Signs

Employees Only Signs

Clearly restrict areas for
unauthorized personnel only.

For one reason or another, workplaces have areas where customers or the public are not allowed. Keep unauthorized individuals out and take control of your workplace with ‘Employees Only’ signs from Creative Safety Supply.

Post these signs near access points to keep visitors from entering potentially hazardous areas or use these signs to secure areas of your business. Creative Safety Supply offers OSHA and ANSI compliant signage that maximizes your visual communication efforts.

Keeping Restricted Areas Restricted

What may be behind restricted areas can either seriously damage a person’s health or cause fatalities. These areas usually deal with electrical rooms, machinery, factory components, or just plain old sensitive information. Keeping these areas restricted to only employees is necessary since they have been trained to specifically handle these environments. They presumably have all the right PPE and information to stay safe.

Materials Used for Employee Only Signs

Below you will find wall signs, floor signs, and A-frame signs for both employee entrances and employee only spaces. The messaging options range from "Employees Only Beyond this Point" to "Keep Out".

We offer seven different industrial sign materials including PVC, Aluminum, and adhesive as some of those options, so you can be sure you have a sign that will survive any environmental condition.

Custom Authorized Employees Only Signs Available

Don't see what you're looking for? Get in touch! We can customize signs to meet your specifications, just call us at 1-866-777-1360 or email us at info@creativesafetysupply.com. The other option would be to use one of our custom sign builders. Choose the logos, graphics, text, and colors of your choice.

Free OSHA Safety Signs E-Book

Free OSHA Safety Signs E-Book

Learn the required components of OSHA safety signs.

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