Wall Sign: (Mylan Logo) Zone #2 15"x20" (Mounted on 3mm PVC) Double Sided

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  • Industrial Laminate mounted on 3mm PVC Backing 
  • Mylan Logo (Bottom Right)
  • For different sizing or different style of laminate please contact your Account Representative, if you do not have their contact information please call 1-866-777-1360 and Customer Service will direct you to the correct person.

Segmenting your facility with this wall sign that says, “Zone #2” on it can be very helpful. Dividing work areas into zones can help ensure that each department has the space they need to get things done properly without any overlap or interference. It can also help to improve safety since the different zones will be separate from the others, which can reduce unexpected problems in either area.

Of course, every facility will be able to choose how and where they segment the facility into zones. Whenever doing this, having a wall sign like this will help ensure that it is very visible so everyone in the area knows which zone they are in and which zones are around them. All this added visual communication can help improve the way a facility operates by increasing efficiency and safety. Putting the wall sign up is also very simple thanks to the strong 3mm PVC that it is made out of.

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Wall Sign: (Mylan Logo) Zone #2 15"x20" (Mounted on 3mm PVC) Double Sided

Wall Sign: (Mylan Logo) Zone #2 15"x20" (Mounted on 3mm PVC) Double Sided


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