How can I be certified by the NFPA?

The NFPA puts out a lot of different safety standards that offer information on how to keep employees safe in the workplace. In addition to these types of standards, they also offer a variety of training courses and certifications that people can attain. These certifications will serve as proof of an understanding of a specific concept that is promoted by the NFPA. While not employees and employers aren’t required to become NFPA certified to follow their safety standards, it can be a good way to ensure things are being done correctly.

Choose a Certification

The NFPA offers a number of different certifications, each with a different focus. Some of the more popular certifications offered include the following:

  • Certified Electrical Safety Worker
  • Certified Fire Protection Specialist
  • Certified Fire Inspector (I and II)
  • Certified Fire Plan Examiner
  • Certified Marine Chemist

Meeting the Criteria

Each certification will have a set criteria that one must meet in order to qualify. This could include bachelor’s or master’s degrees in specific areas, verifiable work experience, or any number of other things. The NFPA also requires that you make a statement of impartiality, and finally you must pass an exam developed for the certification you are seeking.

Taking Classes

Most people will take classes that are designed specifically to help people take and pass the certification exams from the NFPA. These classes can last anywhere from a day to several weeks. The classes will be taught by a certified instructor, and in most cases, will have an official exam at the end so those in attendance can become certified. This is a popular route for safety managers and others in a facility that are responsible for implementing NFPA standards.

Individual Study

For those who don’t want to take a class, there are also study guides that can help with a self-study program. Reading books, websites, and other sources of information can help people to get ready to take the exams. Once ready, they can go online to sign up for an official exam, which will be available at a testing center in the area.


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