SafetyTac® Lean

SafetyTac Lean

Low-profile, durable
floor marking tape.

SafetyTac LEAN is 50% thinner than our original SafetyTac® line of industrial tapes. This tape is a tough, cost-effective solution to your floor marking needs. Even with its low profile, SafetyTac LEAN’s durability has been proven to excel in areas with moderate levels of both foot traffic and industrial vehicle use.

Use SafetyTac® LEAN wherever an extremely low profile is needed and save time by applying it with our SafetyTac floor tape applicator. Not convinced? Request a free sample pack that includes our SafetyTac LEAN industrial tape and test it out yourself. 

Free Floor Marking E-Book

Free Floor Marking E-Book

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    SafetyTac® LEAN Tape

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