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In any industrial workspace, hazards are present at every turn. Danger signs help keep workers aware of their surroundings and instruct them to take the proper precautions. Whether your warning workers about high voltage, electric rooms, welding arc, confined spaces, or foot protection, these markings will inform quickly and efficiently. Danger signs come equipped with OSHA-compliant headings, signal words, and symbols.

Danger signs come in many formats, colors, and messaging options. Danger Confined Space floor signs are built with tough, industrial grade vinyl that have the low profile needed to withstand heavy foot and forklift traffic. Wall signs are available in a number of materials, including PVC, aluminum, and adhesive-backed vinyl.

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  • Danger: Electric Room (Wall)

    Danger: Electric Room Wall Sign Make your workplace a safer place. Use hazard signs within your facility to ensure your staff stays protected. This sign will communicate to employees that an area is the electric room. Features Made from durable 3mm PVC... More details

  • DANGER High Voltage Authorized

    DANGER High Voltage Authorized Personnel Only Sign Equipment and machinery capable of producing high voltage energy should always be clearly identified. Help to ensure the safety of employees and visitors with our DANGER High Voltage Authorized... More details

  • Danger: High Voltage (Wall)

    Danger: High Voltage Wall Sign Communicate to workers and visitors about hazardous high voltages with this wall sign. Features Signs are available in three sizes Constructed from durable 3mm PVC signboard Highly visible design Customize at no extra... More details

  • Danger Confined Space Floor Sign

    Confined Space Danger Do Not Enter – Industrial Floor SignFloor signs are a great way to communicate a diverse amount of information throughout your facility. Whether you’re trying to relay safety information or the location of specific... More details

  • Danger Welding Arc Floor Sign

    Danger Welding Arc, Wear Proper Eye Protection – Industrial Floor SignCreating a safe workplace where everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goals is tough. At Creative Safety Supply, we understand the difficulties that come with... More details

  • Danger High Voltage Sign

    Danger High Voltage Sign High voltage areas can be extremely dangerous if the right safety precautions aren't taken. Make sure all employees and visitors are aware of high voltage equipment by posting a “Danger High Voltage Sign” wall sign... More details

  • Danger High Voltage Area

    Danger High Voltage Area Post “Danger High Voltage Area” signs in areas where high voltages are present to make sure anyone who enters these areas is aware of the energy hazards. Need a customized sign? Our team of dedicated safety sign... More details

  • Danger - High Voltage - Floor Sign

    Danger - High Voltage – Industrial Floor Sign At Creative Safety Supply, we take great pride in being the leader in visual safety. Our attention to detail and quality is shown in all our visual safety products, especially in our floor signs. We... More details

  • Danger High Voltage Floor Sign

    High Voltage Danger Authorized Personnel Only- Industrial Floor SignCreating a visual workplace where what is supposed to happen, does happen, every time, due to visual cues can be a difficult task. Floor signs from Creative Safety Supply are here to... More details

  • Danger Hot Wall Sign

    Danger Hot Wall Sign Whenever a surface could be hot to the touch, it is essential to post a safety sign warning people. Our “Danger Hot Wall Sign” is the perfect sign to post near hot surfaces that could cause injury. We create customized... More details

  • Danger No Smoking No Open Flames

    Danger No Smoking No Open Flames Areas with open flames should be clearly marked. Our “Danger No Smoking No Open Flames” wall sign warns employees not to smoke in an area because there are open flames. We customize! Our team of expert sign... More details

  • Danger: Elevator Shaft (Wall)

    Elevator Shaft Danger Wall Sign Elevator shafts are dangerous. Alert employees to the hazards of working around elevator shafts. Features Signs are available in three sizes Constructed from durable 3mm PVC signboard Highly visible design... More details

  • Danger Keep Fingers Clear Wall Sign

    Danger Keep Fingers Clear Wall Sign If a piece of equipment poses a threat to the safety of employees, make sure they are aware of the hazard. Place a “Danger Keep Fingers Clear" wall sign near any hazardous area where fingers should be kept clear... More details

  • Danger Elevator Hoistway

    Danger Elevator Hoistway It is important to keep employees and visitors away from elevator hoistways as these can be very dangerous areas. The open areas within elevator shafts present fall hazards, so only trained and licensed personnel should have... More details

  • Danger Flammable Wall Sign

    Danger Flammable Wall Sign Warn employees of fire hazards near flammable materials. Use a “Danger Flammable" wall sign to alert employees to these hazards so they exercise extra caution. Have you been looking for customized safety signage? Our team... More details

  • Danger Do Not Enter - Stop Hand

    Do Not Enter – Stop Hand If an area in your workplace is off limits, make sure to post signage to make people aware of this. Our “Do Not Enter – Stop Hand” sign is very simple but bold in its message. It features bold, black text... More details

  • Danger Electric Current Keep Off

    Danger Electric Current Keep Off Electrical currents can be very hazardous and even deadly. It is important that only authorized personnel utilizing appropriate protective equipment manipulate electrical equipment. Use a "Danger Electric Current Keep... More details

  • Danger No Smoking Signs

    Danger No Smoking Signs Smoking is prohibited in many work areas, especially in areas where a fire hazard exists. Make sure all visitors and employees are aware of no smoking areas by posting “Danger No Smoking" signs. These signs feature the "no... More details

  • Danger Electrical Hazard Wall Sign

    Danger Electrical Hazard Wall Sign Never take electrical hazard lightly. Even small electrical hazards are capable of creating large fires and catastrophic personal injuries. To help ensure the safety of all employees around these hazards, make sure to... More details

  • Danger Explosives Wall Sign

    Danger Explosives Wall Sign Explosives contain very flammable materials and can easily detonate when specific conditions or actions occur. Remind employees to exercise extreme caution around explosives with our “Danger Explosives Wall Sign.”... More details

  • Beware of Dog - Wall Sign

    Beware of Dog - Wall Sign   This “Beware of Dog” sign is great to ward off potential trespassers and burglars by warning them that an aggressive dog that lives on your property, while also making visitors and passersby aware that you... More details

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