How do you tape a warehouse floor?

Taping a warehouse floor requires a few important steps prior to laying down industrial floor marking tape. The process is the same for all industries looking to place tape down for numerous different situations. Floor marking tape can be for warehouses, distribution facilities, hospitals, schools, the oil and gas industry, in water treatment plants, and countless others. All these examples come with varying degrees of what employers need to keep their employees safe from workplace hazards. To get to the end and have all the tape down, the following steps must be taken:

  1. Identify what the tape is needed for.
  2. Become familiar with the color standards and sizing requirements from ANSI and OSHA regulations.
  3. Plan out where the tape will be placed and how much is needed.
  4. Find a tape supplier.
  5. Purchase tape and install it in the area.

Upon reaching the 5th step, the company is ready to install their new industrial floor marking tape to improve workplace organization and overall safety. Installation is probably the easiest step in this sequence. Begin by cleaning the floor thoroughly as any dirt or grime can impede proper adhesion of the floor tape. This can be done with a broom, or for more dirty areas, soap and water should do fine.

Once all dry, the installer can then measure and mark the floor to ensure correct placement for the tape. Once that is all completed it’s time to roll it out. Begin by peeling away the removable backing to expose the rubber-based adhesive. Anchor the tape to the floor by pressing down on the spot where the backing was removed. Roll out the rest of the tape and go down the line removing backing and pressing the tape to the floor as you go. Once that is done, tamp down the tape with a dolly or another weight to activate the tape’s strong adhesive. Lastly, wait at least six to twelve hours of curing time before allowing heavy machinery traffic. This is to ensure the tape is bonded tightly to the floor.

That’s all there is to it! The work and time needed to install industrial floor tape such as this is a small sacrifice to pay for the excellent safety and organizational benefits that it provides.


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