What are different types of floor marking?

Floor markings are used throughout many industries to accomplish many goals. Sometimes a company will use floor markings because they are required by OSHA regulations, and other times it will be to help improve safety or organization in the facility. No matter why a company needs to mark their floors, it is important to use the right type of floor marking materials.

Using the proper products will help ensure the floor markings are highly visible, long lasting, and fit in properly with the surrounding environment. There are several popular types of floor markings to consider and using the right one in each situation is necessary.

Floor Marking Tape

Floor marking tape is by far the most versatile and popular option on the market today. There are many types of tape that come in almost any color, shape, and size so it can be used in many different ways. This tape is specially designed to be used in workplace environments, so it is highly durable, and can be applied to many different surfaces.

Floor Marking Paint

Floor marking paint is another popular option and can also be used in most environments. Most places that use floor marking paint will apply it using stencils to ensure a precise application that only gets where it is needed. Once the paint has dried, it will remain in place for quite a long time and can stand up to both high traffic and (if outdoors) the elements.

Floor Marking Lights

Floor marking lights aren’t nearly as popular but can be used in areas where nothing else will be effective or when the markings only need to be temporary. Using a projector that is typically mounted in a high area, laser type lights are used to make a visible marking on the floor. Modern floor marking projectors can make any shape and are highly visible in the dark making them a great choice in very specific situations.

Floor Marking Objects

While not technically floor markings, there are sometimes when it is not possible to properly apply things directly to the floor. In these cases, using flags, removable bollards, barrels, cones, and other similar objects will serve the same purpose as traditional floor marking options.

Whenever making a floor marking strategy for a facility, make sure to consider all the options available and choose the one that will be most effective for accomplishing what is needed.


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