How do I install industrial floor tape?

Installing industrial floor tape is a surprisingly easy process, and one that can be completed without any need to shut down a facility. When done properly, the tape will be securely attached to the floor so it can remain in place for years without any trouble. The following instructions will help ensure the installation process goes smoothly.

Make a Plan

The first, and perhaps most important, step is to plan out where you need the tape to be applied. Planning out where you need floor markings, what color they need to be, and anything else that is needed will help ensure the installation only has to be done once. While it is not terribly difficult to remove tape that was placed in the wrong area, it is always best to only have to do things once.

Clean the Floor

Floor marking tape should be applied to a clean floor. Washing the floor using whatever normal process is followed in your facility, and then allowing it to dry, will make it so the floor markings can properly stick. The floor doesn’t have to be absolutely spotless, but simply get all excess dirt, dust, and debris out of the area so the adhesive can form a strong bond with the flooring itself.

Roll On the Tape

The actually application of the floor tape is likely the step that is going to take the longest. For floor marking shapes or small pieces of tape, simply begin peeling off the protective coating from the adhesive side, and slowly apply it to the floor. Attempt to start from one edge and evenly move toward the other side so that there aren’t any wrinkles or air bubbles.

If you’re applying long pieces of floor marking tape it is best to use a floor marking tape installation tool. This tool will roll out the tape onto the floor in a very straight and even way. It also applies some pressure along the way so it won’t get pulled up as you move along. The only real challenging part of this process is applying the beginning of the roll to the floor so that it is secured in place and will roll out in the direction that is needed.

Apply Pressure

Once the floor markings have been applied to the floor it is best to apply pressure along the length of the tape to ensure the adhesive is able to properly take hold to the flooring. In most cases simply walking along the tape will be more than sufficient to ensure the tape will be secured in place and will last long into the future.


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