What floor marking can I use for emergency exits and evacuation routes?

Floor markings have many uses in virtually every industry. One of the most important benefits you can get from floor markings is an improvement in safety. Specifically, they can help businesses to better identify emergency exits and emergency routes. It is important to have a good plan regarding how you will use floor markings for emergency routes and exits, however, or it could cause additional problems.

Floor marking for an emergency exit

Choose One Color or Pattern

Any floor markings that are used for evacuation routes or emergency exits should be one color or pattern, and no other floor markings in the facility should use it. This will help to avoid any confusion when people are trying to escape a hazard. Remember, when there is a fire or other risk present, people need to be able to understand where they need to go, and how to get there, very quickly.

Make it Clear the Direction to Travel

One of the most important things to keep in mind when planning how to use floor markings in your evacuation route or emergency exit plans is which direction people will need to go. Using shapes like floor marking footprints or arrows to direct people toward the nearest exit is absolutely essential. If there are multiple exits, make sure it is very clear which one is the closest so people can escape the area to safety as quickly as possible.

Have Visibility in Mind

In many emergency situations there will be difficulties with seeing where people are going. The power may have gone out, or there may even be smoke present. Using floor markings that are easy to see can help to save the lives of those trying to escape. There are many types of floor marking tape or other markings that can be used. Glow-in-the-dark tape, for example, can be seen well when the lights go out. Using reflective tape can also be a good solution. Even just using a bright color can be enough to ensure those trying to evacuate will be able to see where they are going.

Consider Additional Traction Tape

At the exits of a building it can be a good idea to apply floor marking tape that will provide additional traction to those walking (or running) through. This is a good idea for everyday use, but can be especially important during an emergency. If there if a fire, for example, the area may be soaked with water on the floors from the firefighters. Having the additional traction from floor markings can help to prevent slips and falls, which could be especially dangerous.


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