What are the most durable floor markings?

Floor markings can be used in many different environments ranging from offices to industrial manufacturing. Finding the right types of markings for each situation is important to the success of any strategy. For manufacturing facilities where forklifts, high-lows, and other heavy equipment is used, it is critical to find the most durable floor markings possible.

Options like floor marking paint that are used in lower impact areas can’t stand up to the heavy traffic and other issues. If a forklift drags over the paint, it will chip and scrape it up, causing the paint to need to be reapplied every few months. This, obviously, isn’t going to be an effective. Even some floor marking tape isn’t designed to stand up to this type of abuse on a daily basis. For harsh environments, there are specially designed floor marking options that should be chosen.

safetytac roll of durable tape

Extra Durable Floor Marking Tape

Many people are surprised to learn that floor marking tapes are actually more durable and long lasting than floor marking tape. This is because the tape will have a higher profile, which people would assume causes it to get caught on the tires, shoes, lift forks, and other items that could scrape by. Makers of top quality floor marking tape like SafetyTac and Smart Stripe have created ultra-strong options that can stand up to virtually any situation.

These tapes and other markings are made for industrial conditions use hard, dense materials so that they don’t scrape away. In addition, the adhesive used on these options is extremely strong so that the edges aren’t going to start peeling up when something scrapes over it.

Standing Up to All Hazards

Extra-durable floor marking tape isn’t just made to be able to stand up to things scraping or moving over it, but also just about any other hazard. It can be used in areas that are often wet due to a manufacturing process or even rain. These tapes can also be cleaned using harsh cleaning chemicals and machines just like any other part of the flooring. No matter what types of hazards are present, these incredible floor markings will remain in place offering the improved visual communication that is needed to help with safety, organization, and much more.


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