What is the difference between floor marking tape and floor paint?

Floor markings are used in just about every industry. Whether it is a warehouse that needs aisles marked off, a manufacturing facility that needs to keep people safe, or even a supermarket that wants to section off departments, floor markings are an essential tool. There are even times when using floor markings is a requirement from OSHA or other regulatory bodies. Whenever using floor markings, it is important to choose the right type to get the best possible results. The two most popular, and most effective, options are floor marking tape, and floor paint.

Floor Marking Tape

Floor marking tape is a highly durable type of tape that is typically made out of vinyl and uses an industrial adhesive to stick to almost any type of surface. It can come in any color imaginable, and can even include reflectors and glow-in-the-dark options to ensure it is very visible in any environment. Many people are surprised to learn that floor marking tape can stand up to even the most challenging environments without scraping up or being damaged. This durable option can even have a forklift dragged over it without a problem.

Floor Paint

Floor paint is the other popular choice, and it can be very effective in many situations. Of course, paint can also come in any color that is needed. Unlike tape, however, paint generally needs to be one solid color otherwise it will take a lot of time to apply. The paint can be applied to most any surface without any trouble and is also quite durable. It can get chipped off in high-impact areas such as when a high-low or forklift hit it with the metal lifts. If the floor paint does get chipped away too much, it can be reapplied without much trouble at all. One important thing to keep in mind with floor paint is that it needs time to dry, and the fumes can be bothersome in some environments, so it is best to apply it during off-hours when other work isn’t being done at a facility.


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