What is 5S tape?

5S tape is a colored multipurpose tape made of strong vinyl material in addition to a rubber-based adhesive. This tape, named after its usefulness in a 5S Lean manufacturing techniques, is an excellent tool for labeling, marking off areas, and even for pipe marking and shelf labeling.

How to Use 5S Tape

The following is an extensive list of uses for 5S tape:

  • Floor marking – 5S tape can be used for pedestrian walkways and for marking off the location of movable equipment.
  • Rack labeling – 5S tape comes in handy for color coding racks and shelves. This can be extremely helpful to those restocking or picking materials.
  • Colored bands for pipe marking – Colored bands are often required for pipe marking in wastewater treatment facilities or pipe labeling for marine vessels to denote a specific variety of chemical flowing through pipes. 5S tape would be perfect for this application.
  • Additions to whiteboards, planners, and walls – Think of charts in the workplace or even in classrooms.
  • Equipment color coding – Color coding equipment in specific areas can help people keep track of objects as well as know what purpose they serve.
  • Mat or vinyl repair – This strong 5S tape can easily repair mats and other vinyl material while replacements are on the way.
  • School classroom projects – 5S tape can even be found in classrooms. Mark desks, their location on the floor, and even on whiteboards for making charts and other lesson plan materials.

There are countless other options this tape can be used for. On top of that, 5S tape is extremely durable and cost effective. This not only makes 5S Lean manufacturing techniques easy in terms of cost, but it also promotes the improvement of workplace organization. Improve workplace safety and employee awareness with 5S tape.