What can reflective floor tape be used for?

Reflective floor tape is a specially designed type of floor marking tape that has reflective material incorporated onto the top of it. This material is able to reflect any light from the area so that it is easily visible even in relatively dark areas. There are many different situations where this type of floor marking can be used to improve safety, organization, and overall use. If you are planning a floor marking strategy, understanding some of the most common ways that reflective tape can be used is a great first step.

Reflective Floor Tape for Safety

One of the most common ways that reflective floor tape is used is in warehouses. Warehouses are often poorly lit in certain areas. In addition, the lighting that does exist can be easily blocked by racks, items being stored, and much more. Using reflective floor markings will help to ensure that it is always visible to forklifts and other vehicles that may be used in the area.

Many companies also use reflective floor markings to help guide people to the nearest exit. This makes it an ideal option during an emergency since it will be visible even if the power is out. Those in the are who have flashlights or other light sources can easily follow the reflective tape to safety. Reflective floor markings are also great for warning people of specific hazards. For example, if there is a ledge that could be a fall risk, putting reflective tape several feet prior to the actual ledge will give sufficient warning to high-low operators.

Reflective tape can be used to mark an entire path or applied intermittently to save money. No matter how it is applied, this type of tape will dramatically improve visibility in many situations. Deciding how and where to use reflective floor tape will help you to get the most benefits from this very useful type of floor marking.


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