What are some lesser-known floor marking uses?

Just about everyone knows that floor markings are used in many ways across a wide-range of different industries. People see floor marking tape used in aisles at a supermarket, to mark off traffic lanes in manufacturing facilities, and much more. Floor markings, however, can also be used in many lesser-known ways that can provide some huge benefits. The following are some great ways that floor markings can be used to help improve anything from workplace safety to organization, and much more.

Drawing Attention to Safety Equipment

Safety equipment needs to be readily available so that employees or emergency responders can quickly have access to it when needed. If there is a fire or other emergency, it can be difficult to identify where this equipment is kept, which is where floor markings can become very helpful. Using one specific color or pattern of markings that will always lead, for example, to a fire extinguisher can make it easier to find. Some facilities will also use floor tape wrapped around a pillar several feet above where the extinguisher is placed. This way people can see the markings both on the floor, and up above, for increased visibility.

Tracking Equipment Usage & Maintenance

Applying numbers or even barcodes to the floor with marking tape will allow a specific machine, vehicle, or other item to be better tracked. For example, if a high-low is parked in the same spot every day when it is not in use, that area can be marked off on the floor. This will assign a specific number to that vehicle so that it is easier to track how many hours it has been used, when regular maintenance is performed, and much more. This type of thing can be used on any type of machine or vehicle in any industry.

Walking Tours

There are many places where customers or clients are given walking tours to either view a production process, or take a look at different features. Using footprint shaped floor markings will show guests where they should be walking, and how to get to the next place. This will help to keep those walking through an area on track, and help them to avoid getting lost. Depending on the environment, this can also help to keep them safe while in the area.

Getting Creative

While there are many obvious and common ways that floor marking tape and other types of floor markings can, and should, be used, that is just the beginning. Workplaces can benefit greatly from thinking outside the box in regard to how these product can benefit the facility, the employees, and anyone else who happens to be in the area.


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