Floor Marking for Door Opening

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Door Swing Area Floor Sticker

When it comes to workplace hazards, there is one risk that can be surprisingly serious, but is often overlooked. This hazard exists at most door openings. When someone opens a door, it swings along a path, and anyone standing in the area will get hit. In most facilities, these doors are made of a material that is not see through, which can make it quite hard to avoid hitting someone.

One great way to make sure everyone is aware of the door opening hazards is to apply floor markings where the door will swing. Having this type of marking on the floor is a visual reminder that standing in that area can be dangerous and even stepping into it could result in an injury.

Potential Hazards of Door Openings

Door Swing Hazard

At first, many people think that the idea of getting hit when a door is opened is a fairly minor concern. While it may not be as risky as some other things within a facility, there are some situations where getting hit with a swinging door can be very dangerous. The following are some of the different ways people can get hurt from a door opening:

  • Direct Bump - The most obvious example is when a door directly bumps into a person, which can cause some pain, bruising, or even cuts.
  • Opened By a Vehicle - Larger doors are often pushed open with a high-low or other vehicle. The force behind these vehicles can cause very serious injuries to anyone standing on the other side of the door.
  • Carrying Heavy Objects - Anyone who is carrying heavy objects when a door opens can be pushed off balance, resulting in them dropping the items. This can cause back injuries, foot injuries, and other problems.
  • Carrying Hazardous Materials - When carrying a container with any type of hazardous material, stepping in front of a door can be very dangerous. If the door unexpectedly opens, it could result in contaminating the area and causing serious health issues.
  • Pinch Points - If a door opening is against a wall, which is quite common, the door could be pushed all the way open, causing anyone in the area to get trapped and injured.

Floor Markings to Identify Swing Area

Door Swing Floor Sign - Half

There are several ways that floor markings can be used to identify the swing area of a door. A simple dotted line can be used with floor marking tape. Another option is a marking that highlights the entire area where the door may swing. Anyone in the area will know that if they are standing on the floor marking, they are at risk of getting hit. Employees or others will then make sure to avoid that area, and even step to the side when reaching to open the door so that they are safe.

No matter which type of floor marking you use, this is a good option for improving workplace safety. One of the best uses of these types of floor markings is in areas where people who don't commonly work there are walking. Public stores or facilities, for example, can benefit greatly from this type of marking. If a customer is walking through, this type of marking can be an important reminder. In addition to keeping them safer, it may also limit liability should they get hurt by not paying attention.

Very Affordable Safety Improvements

While workplace safety is a priority for just about all companies, there always has to be a balance between cost and safety. Using floor markings for door openings is an extremely inexpensive option for companies to consider. If these types of markings prevent even one minor injury, they will have more than paid for themselves. This, combined with the fact that they are easy to install, makes them an obvious choice for most companies.


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