What is marking tape used for?

Safety marking tape is used for a plethora of situations that all involve keeping people alert and aware of their surroundings. Color coded floor marking materials allow employees to understand the potential dangers they are dealing with in the surrounding environment. The bonus of safety tape is that identification through color is much faster reading a phrase.

The following are examples of how tape can be used in overarching business improvements:

  • Marking off hazardous areas to keep employees visually alert. These instances include places such as electrical panels, hazardous equipment, tripping hazards, and around toxic chemicals.
  • Storage is another popular use for floor marking tapes. Keeping items organized whether it be incoming material or outgoing product is an important aspect in overall facility efficiency. This is essential for those following Lean manufacturing methodologies.
  • Organization of equipment. One of the most important aspects of 5S is the idea that everything has its place. For employees to be able to find equipment they need in the fastest possible manner speaks volumes for a facility’s efficiency and productivity levels.
  • Communication within the workplace is another aspect that floor marking tapes tackle. As was mentioned in the beginning of this post, communication is key when it comes to keeping employees aware. Even long-standing employees of a business might be lost without proper visual communication, not to mention the potential errors that would be rampant with new recruits.
  • Traffic routs are especially important, particularly in warehouses that have forklift traffic. Marking pedestrian pathways and forklift pathways is a sure way to promote safety within the workplace. Much like storing equipment, moving bodies also have their specific place within a working environment.
  • Safety tape is also very useful for evacuation routes. Tape and floor shapes have the ability to clearly mark necessary exit pathways for employees during an emergency.

Overall, marking floors with industrial floor tape is not only a sure way to promote safety, but it is one that fosters continuous improvement and works to sustain the effort for a better and safer place to work.


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