Where can I use floor marking for social distancing?

For workplaces still operating, stores still open to the public, and facilities seeing patients during the coronavirus pandemic, taking social distancing measures is crucial in reducing the rate of disease transmission.

Floor marking is a simple way you can do your part in “flattening the curve” by encouraging visitors, and customers, workplaces to practice social distancing. Some areas where you can easily install floor markings include:

  • Time Clock Areas: If employees are still punching in and out, use floor marking to keep people from crowding or standing too close to one another.
  • Please Wait Here Floor SignCheck Out Lines: It can be difficult for customers to visualize how far apart six feet really is. Use floor marking strips placed equidistant apart so there’s no second guessing.
  • Waiting Areas: Use floor marking strips in reception areas, ticket counters, information desks, and any place where people queue.
  • Common Areas: Ideally, break rooms and lunchrooms should be closed, and employees directed to eat at their desk. If that isn’t possible, keep seating at a minimum and apply floor signs reminding workers to keep six feet apart from one another.
  • Operator Stations: For manufacturing facilities still open, make sure operators are maintaining a healthy distance from one another by placing floor marking (like footprint markers) where workers should stand.

…and more! Floor marking strips, floor shapes, floor signs, industrial floor tape can remind people where to stand to keep their distance or communicate specific information about social distancing. We don’t know if social distancing will be our new normal for the next month or throughout the summer, and floor markings from Creative Safety Supply are designed to last for years even under heavy foot or vehicle traffic. Employers are key in reducing the spread of illness—it’s important to prepare your business operations and determine how you can encourage social distancing in your workplace.


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