Free Safety/Lean Guides

Here at Creative Safety Supply we are on a mission to help enhance workplace safety everywhere. We believe that knowledge is power and offer many free online training guides and documents to help your business achieve higher levels of safety and productivity.

Many of our free guides include information about Lean Manufacturing and cover topics including 5S, Kaizen, and Gemba. Others cover important safety information, OSHA standards, and GHS requirements. Plus, learn how to effectively use some of our products such as floor marking tape and pipe marking labels. 

Take advantage of these free guides to increase your knowledge of safe and Lean workplace practices. Follow the links below to access the materials or give us a call at 1-866-777-1360, and we would be happy to help you get the guides you need.


Top Guides

  • Free 5S Guide
    Free 5S Guide

    This FREE Lean/5S guide will provide everything you need to know to get you started on your 5S program. This free PDF guide best practice can help and guide your way within any company from a manufacturing to an office.

  • Free Pipe Marking Guide
    Free Pipe Marking Guide

    This Pipe Marking guide provides everything you need to know about marking pipes in your facility. This free guide is great for any facility looking for the best and most accurate information on ANSI and OSHA pipe marking requirements.

  • Free Floor Marking Guide
    Free Floor Marking Guide

    Get your FREE Floor Marking guide from Creative Safety Supply. This visual safety guide will provide everything you need to know about properly marking floors in your warehouse or facility.

  • Free Facility Marking Workbook
    Free Facility Marking Workbook

    This workbook walks you through a comprehensive step-by-step evaluation of your facility, explaining the available options for initiating and supporting a proper visual safety marking program.

  • Free GHS Guide
    Free GHS Guide

    Get your FREE GHS guide from Creative Safety Supply. This guide provides useful information regarding the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals, from labeling requirements to the standards adoption timeline.

  • Free Gemba Guide
    Free Gemba Guide

    This Introduction to Gemba is a practical guide providing insight and tips on how to use the Gemba walk in your business. This process is becoming more and more popular for those looking to improve upon their processes by finding strengths and weaknesses.

  • Free Kaizen Guide
    Free Kaizen Guide

    Our Kaizen Guide will provides an introduction for Kaizen and Lean practices. The information is to help guide you and your company to success in Lean / 5S manufacturing by promoting continuous improvement and implementing the Kaizen philosophy in your workplace.

  • Free Kanban Guide
    Free Kanban Guide

    Another Lean principle, Kanban is an organizational system providing visual signals so the process of maintaining inventory is simplified. This guide, together with the Kaizen and 5S guides, will have you on the road to a Lean, efficient workplace.

  • Free Mining Guide
    Free Mining & MSHA Guide

    This free guide to Safety Signs for Mining & MSHA explains what types of signs your mine needs to stay compliant and keep employees safe. You’ll find suggestions for selecting and installing signs and labels, too.

  • Free Food Processing Safety Guide
    Free Food Processing Safety Guide

    Many hazards exist in the food processing industry, and safety signs play a key role in preventing many injuries. This free Food Processing Safety Guide explains how to select simple communication tools like labels, floor signs, and floor marking tape.


Industrial Safety Guides

  • Free OSHA Safety Sign Guide
    Free OSHA Safety Sign Guide

    Get your FREE OSHA Safety Sign guide from Creative Safety Supply. This guide provides useful information for makin sure your facility's signs comply with these new guidelines OSHA/ANSI Z535 guidelines.

  • Free Forklift Safety Guide
    Free Forklift Safety Guide

    It may seem like common sense, but Forklift accidents are a very real safety concern. This FREE Forklift Safety Guide includes tips and reminders for forklift drivers, as well as suggestions for visual cues you can place in your facility to prevent forklift accidents.

  • Free Spill Kit Guide
    Free Spill Kit Guide

    Get your FREE Spill Kit guide from Creative Safety Supply. This guide will provide useful information regarding spills in your workplace, spill kit materials and spill kit training.

  • Free Lockout/Tagout Guide
    Free Lockout/Tagout Guide

    OSHA estimates the Lockout/Tagout standard prevents120 fatalities and 50,000 injuries annually. This FREE guide provides a 5-step plan for Lockout/Tagout compliance, as well as other information regarding LOTO practices.

  • Free Valve Tag Guide
    Free Valve Tag Guide

    Increase efficiency, safety and communication in your facility with something as simple as a valve tag. Check out our FREE valve tag guide for guidelines and solutions for creating valve tags for your facility.

  • Free PPE Guide
    Free PPE Guide

    Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is paramount to proper safety techniques in manufacturing, construction, or industrial facilities. This PPE guide illustrates PPE symbols and requirements. Make sure all employees are familiar with required PPE in their areas.


Facility Safety Labeling Guides

  • Free Arc Flash Guide
    Free Arc Flash Guide

    Our FREE Arc Flash guide is full of important and pertinent information for the arc flash professional. Along with clear labeling guidelines, it also provides insight into NFPA 70E standards and minimal label requirements.

  • Free NFPA Labeling Guide
    Free NFPA Labeling Guide

    Our NFPA guide is a color-coded, quick-reference guide providing useful information regarding flammable, explosive, and dangerous substances. Having a handy guide helps in labeling and identifying substances, thus promoting safety.

  • Free Marine/Offshore Pipe Marking Guide
    Free Marine/Offshore Pipe Marking Guide

    Marine and Offshore vessels have their own pipe marking requirements. It is important to be in compliance for safe and easy identification of pipes. This quick reference guide helps in labeling and identifying of those pipes.

  • Free Ammonia Pipe Marking Guide
    Free Ammonia Pipe Marking Guide

    Get this FREE visual guide to marking pipes in compliance with International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration Standards. The color-coded chart helps in quick labeling and recognition.


Pocket Safety Guides

  • Free 5S Pocket Guide
    Free 5S Pocket Guide

    Participation from all employees is paramount to the success of any 5S program. Having a handy pocket guide is a great way for employees to be reminded of the steps of 5S.

  • Free GHS Pocket Guide
    Free GHS Pocket Guide

    Have a GHS reference guide at your fingertips with the business card sized, GHS Pocket Guide. This pocket-sized guide shows GHS pictorams, as well as a sample GHS label explaining each element on the label.

  • Free Pipe Marking Pocket Guide
    Free Pipe Marking Pocket Guide

    The Pipe Marking pocket guide is a handy business card sized guide showing pipe marking color guidelines as well as ANSI/ASME label placement and size requirements.

  • Free Forklift Safety Pocket Guide
    Free Forklift Safety Pocket Guide

    The Forklift Safety pocket guide is a practical business-card sized guide for forklift drivers. The guide contains a daily inspection checklist as well as safety guidelines.

  • Free Gemba Pocket Guide
    Free Gemba Pocket Guide

    This pocket-sized Gemba reference guide provides guidelines for your Gemba walk. Included are tips for preparing yourself and your employees for the process, as well as what you should look for on your Gemba walk.


Free Samples and Product Catalog

  • Free Floor Tape Samples
    Free Floor Tape Samples

    With all of our available choices for floor tape, we understand it can be tough to decide which type to use. To help you make your decision, we will send you free samples so you can see and test our floor marking tape before purchasing.

  • Free Label Samples
    Free Label Samples

    Questions about which label printer or label supplies to purchase? Our knowledgeable staff can help you find the labeling system that works for you. We are happy to send you free label samples so you test them before buying.

  • Free Product Catalog
    Free Product Catalog

    Looking for the Creative Safety Supply catalog? We have our full product catalog available to you in three versions. You can download a PDF version immediately, view our online flip catalog, or let us know and we’ll send you a printed version.

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