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Brush up on your knowledge or learn something new with these free guides to workplace safety and Lean manufacturing topics. These resources will help you improve your facility and make it a safer, more organized, and more efficient place to work. Browse the guides below and click through to access the materials.

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Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) - [object Object]

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

E-Book | Details
Learn how Total Productive Maintenance can streamline processes while decreasing the likelihood of injuries and on-the-job accidents.
Demarcación de Suelos - [object Object]

Demarcación de Suelos

Spanish E-Book | Details
Everything you need to know to properly mark the floors in your warehouse or facility in one handy, Spanish-language guide.
Guía de Lean 5S - [object Object]

Guía de Lean 5S

Spanish E-Book | Details
Now available in Spanish, our comprehensive guide provides everything you need to kickstart your 5S program no matter which industry you’re in.
Marcado de Tuberías - [object Object]

Marcado de Tuberías

Spanish E-Book | Details
This Spanish-language guide takes the difficulty out of pipe marking with straightforward instructions and expert insights.
Pipe Marking for Process Safety Management (PSM) - [object Object]

Pipe Marking for Process Safety Management (PSM)

E-Book | Details
This free Pipe Marking for Process Safety Management (PSM) Guide explains how to use ANSI and IIAR-compliant pipe markers to improve communication in your PSM program. You’ll learn about pipe marking label size, text, and color requirements.
Quick Guide to<br>an Organized Workplace - [object Object]

Quick Guide to
an Organized Workplace

Quick Guide | Details
This free Quick Guide to an Organized Workplace explains which strategies and tools to use to get your workspaces organized and keep them clean and free of clutter.
HazCom Guide - [object Object]

HazCom Guide

E-Book | Details
This Hazard Communication guide explains the recent updates to OSHA’s HazCom standard, which now aligns with GHS. Find out what your chemical labels should look like, what information is required on labels, and methods for creating labels for your business.
Facility Marking Workbook - [object Object]

Facility Marking Workbook

Workbook | Details
This workbook walks you through a comprehensive step-by-step evaluation of your facility, explaining the available options for initiating and supporting a proper visual safety marking program.
Arc Flash Labeling Guide - [object Object]

Arc Flash Labeling Guide

E-Book | Details
Our FREE Arc Flash guide is full of important and pertinent information for the arc flash professional. Along with clear labeling guidelines, it also provides insight into NFPA 70E standards and minimal label requirements.
Safety Signs for Mining & MSHA - [object Object]

Safety Signs for Mining & MSHA

E-Book | Details
This free guide to Safety Signs for Mining & MSHA explains what types of signs your mine needs to stay compliant and keep employees safe. You’ll find suggestions for selecting and installing signs and labels, too.
Spill Kit User Guide - [object Object]

Spill Kit User Guide

E-Book | Details
Get your FREE Spill Kit guide from Creative Safety Supply. This guide will provide useful information regarding spills in your workplace, spill kit materials and spill kit training.
Food Processing Safety Guide - [object Object]

Food Processing Safety Guide

E-Book | Details
Many hazards exist in the food processing industry, and safety signs play a key role in preventing many injuries. This free Food Processing Safety Guide explains how to select simple communication tools like labels, floor signs, and floor marking tape.
Free Valve Tag Guide - [object Object]

Free Valve Tag Guide

Quick Guide | Details
Increase efficiency, safety and communication in your facility with something as simple as a valve tag. Check out our FREE valve tag guide for guidelines and solutions for creating valve tags for your facility.
Free PPE Guide - [object Object]

Free PPE Guide

Quick Guide | Details
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is paramount to proper safety techniques in manufacturing, construction, or industrial facilities. This PPE guide illustrates PPE symbols and requirements. Make sure all employees are familiar with required PPE in their areas.
Free NFPA Labeling Guide - [object Object]

Free NFPA Labeling Guide

Quick Guide | Details
Our NFPA guide is a color-coded, quick-reference guide providing useful information regarding flammable, explosive, and dangerous substances. Having a handy guide helps in labeling and identifying substances, thus promoting safety.
Free Marine and Offshore Pipe Marking Guide - [object Object]

Free Marine and Offshore Pipe Marking Guide

Quick Guide | Details
Marine and Offshore vessels have their own pipe marking requirements. It is important to be in compliance for safe and easy identification of pipes. This quick reference guide helps in labeling and identifying of those pipes.
Free Ammonia Pipe Marking Guide - [object Object]

Free Ammonia Pipe Marking Guide

Quick Guide | Details
Get this FREE visual guide to marking pipes in compliance with International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration Standards. The color-coded chart helps in quick labeling and recognition.
Free OSHA Label & Sign Color Chart - [object Object]

Free OSHA Label & Sign Color Chart

Wall Chart | Details
This simple chart explains the meaning behind each of the colors commonly found on OSHA-mandated signs, making it quick and easy for employees to determine where hazards are located and how best to avoid accidents.
Free 5S Pocket Guide - [object Object]

Free 5S Pocket Guide

Pocket Guide | Details
Participation from all employees is paramount to the success of any 5S program. Having a handy pocket guide is a great way for employees to be reminded of the steps of 5S.
Free GHS Pocket Guide - [object Object]

Free GHS Pocket Guide

Pocket Guide | Details
Have a GHS reference guide at your fingertips with the business card sized, GHS Pocket Guide. This pocket-sized guide shows GHS pictorams, as well as a sample GHS label explaining each element on the label.
Free Pipe Marking Pocket Guide - [object Object]

Free Pipe Marking Pocket Guide

Pocket Guide | Details
The Pipe Marking pocket guide is a handy business card sized guide showing pipe marking color guidelines as well as ANSI/ASME label placement and size requirements.
Free Forklift Safety Pocket Guide - [object Object]

Free Forklift Safety Pocket Guide

Pocket Guide | Details
The Forklift Safety pocket guide is a practical business-card sized guide for forklift drivers. The guide contains a daily inspection checklist as well as safety guidelines.
Free Gemba Pocket Guide - [object Object]

Free Gemba Pocket Guide

Pocket Guide | Details
This pocket-sized Gemba reference guide provides guidelines for your Gemba walk. Included are tips for preparing yourself and your employees for the process, as well as what you should look for on your Gemba walk.

Free Product Samples and Catalogs

Free Product Catalog

Creative Safety Supply Product Catalog

Catalog | Details
Looking for the Creative Safety Supply catalog? We have our full product catalog available to you in three versions. You can download a PDF version immediately, view our online flip catalog, or let us know and we'll send you a printed version.
LabelTacTac Supply Catalog

LabelTac® Supplies Catalog

Catalog | Details
Shop our selection of over two dozen specialty label supplies to find the material best suited to your application. Plus, learn about LabelTac® printer accessories including battery packs, travel cases, and cleaning materials. Our LabelTac® Supply Catalog will help you customize your printing experience to meet the needs of your facility.
Floor Marking Samples

Floor Marking Samples

Product Sample | Details
With all of our available choices for floor tape, we understand it can be tough to decide which type to use. To help you make your decision, we will send you free samples so you can see and test our floor marking tape before purchasing.
LabelTac Samples

LabelTac Samples

Product Sample | Details
Want to save time and money yet still reap the benefits of high quality industrial labels you can trust? If so, we have the perfect solution to meet your needs. Our LabelTac labels will impress you time and time again with their ease of use and reliability. Contact us for free samples today!
Free Foam Samples

Foam Samples

Product Sample | Details
Choosing the right foam to handle your organizational needs can be tricky. Whether you are looking to organize your tools, a drawer or something else our foam supplies are up to the challenge. Contact us for a free foam sample today, you won’t be disappointed.

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