The Lost Time Case (LTC) Rate is a standard workplace safety metric similar to OSHA’s Total Recordable Incident Rate. Where the TRIR takes into account all injuries and illnesses, the LTC Rate represents solely the number of cases that resulted in lost work days. OSHA defines a lost time case as a recordable incident were an employee cannot return to work or is given restricted work.

To determine your LTC Rate, first plug in number of recordable cases with associated lost work days – this information can be found in your OSHA 300 or 300A log. While it’s common to input the number of employee labor hours worked over a year, you can choose any given time frame for your calculation. For instance, calculating the LTC Rate on a monthly basis will make it easier to spot trends from month to month.

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The rate calculated above is the number of workers who lost time due to an injury or illness for every 100 employees – more hazardous industries (commercial fishing, logging, mining, etc.) are likely to have a higher rate. EHS managers use the LTC Rate to monitor the impact of lost time on a business, track the impact of safety measures, and identify trends.

Lowering your Lost Time Case Rate begins with reviewing the following:

  • Training: Ensure safety training is proactive and up to date; double check certification requirements and procedures.
  • Safety Controls: Complete a risk analysis and implement preventative measures like machine guards, visual cues, and more to reduce the likeliness of an incident.
  • Procedures: Performing preventative maintenance can greatly reduce the chance of an injury resulting from dangerous machinery or equipment.
  • Past Incidents: Look at past injuries and illnesses to determine the root cause of each incident. Solving each issue can not only reduce duplicate incidents but can also prevent similar problems.
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