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SafetyTac® Installation + Other Tips

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SafetyTac® Installation Instructions

Installing SafetyTac® floor marking tape can be completed in six easy steps. Watch SafetyTac® Installation Video

  1. Clean.

    Start off by sweeping the floor, ridding the surface of dirt and debris. If needed, clean floor with a mild detergent to remove any surface oils or films.
  2. Mark.

    Once the area has been cleaned, measure and mark your floor to help ensure straight lines.
  3. Anchor.

    Remove a small portion of the backing from the tape, then press down on the surface to anchor SafetyTac® to your floor.
  4. Unroll.

    Once you've anchored your tape, unroll tap to desired length. Lay tape in a straight line by following your markings.
  5. Press.

    Next, go down your SafetyTac® line, gently removing the backing and pressing down to bond tape to the floor.
  6. Secure.

    Tamp down your floor marking tape with 250lbs+ of weight to ensure tape is fixed to floor securely. This can be done using a cart, dolly, or by driving a forklift down the length of the tape.

That's it! SafetyTac® should now be installed and ready to perform. Although immediately bonded, we do recommend allowing 24 hours to fully cure before exposing to water, chemicals or heavy equipment traffic.

Step 1: Clean
Step 2: Mark
Step 3: Anchor
Step 4: Unroll
Step 5: Press
Step 6: Secure

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