Andon Lights Kit

Andon Lights Kit

Visual indicators and alerts
to improve productivity.

These LED signal towers - called andon lights - have a fairly long tradition in modern manufacturing. 'Andon' is borrowed from the Japanese term for "lantern," and these devices are used to visually communicate changes in the production process or a change in quality.

When an andon light comes on, its color can signal to workers to tend to the quality or process change.

Reduce Downtime, Increase Productivity

These kinds of stack lighting kits come in handy because of their relative simplicity and their ability to be seen from a distance and attract the eye, especially in places where noise is high and other signals might not be noticed. Depending on the color that displays, workers can immediately rectify problems and get the production line moving again.

Our current inventory of andon lights is great for Lean manufacturing, especially jidoka systems, and our products are made with LED indicators to maximize cost savings and power conservation over typical incandescent bulbs.

Combine these visual tools with others such as signs, labels, and floor marking tapes to communicate to employees how they should respond to situations in the workplace.

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  • Andon Light Tower Kit Red

    Andon LED Light Tower Kit

  • Andon LED Stack Lights

    Andon LED Stack Lights

  • Preassembled LED Light Stack - Red

    Preassembled LED Light Towers

  • LED Counter - 4" 4-Digit (200' viewing)

    LED Counter - 4" 4-Digit (200' viewing)

  • Installation Kit--MANUAL pushbutton increment

    Installation Kit--MANUAL pushbutton increment

  • LED Counter - 2.3" 4-Digit (100' viewing)

    LED Counter - 2.3" 4-Digit (100' viewing)

  • MANUAL Timing Run/Hold Activation

    MANUAL timing activation


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