6 reasons to stop ordering labels from a catalog

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Six reasons you should stop buying labels from a catalog and start printing your own labels with an industrial label printer

  1. Filling out lengthy order forms is a real drag...and your hand might cramp.
  2. If you order the wrong size, you’re stuck with it until you order again.
  3. That giant catalog takes up space in your office, and the only way to search is to flip!
  4. You might grow old waiting for your labels to arrive.
  5. Can we talk about spelling for a minute? Order forms don’t have spell check!
  6. The price of labels ordered from a catalog is insane.

With LabelTac®, you have more time left for watching dog & cat videos...(what we actually mean is more time for getting work done.)

Print labels and signs, on-demand and to your specifications. With a LabelTac® industrial label printer, there are no lengthy order forms, no waiting for delivery, and no endless searching through a catalog for the label you need. Just create your label and print. Take the hassle out of compliance and safety labeling.

Creative Safety Supply is committed to being your safety and labeling experts. We provide a wide range of industrial safety products to increase visual awareness, safety and Lean practices. Call today!


Put down that label catalog.

There’s a better way to get workplace labels. Find out why ordering individual labels for safety, compliance, and organization isn’t the best option and why printing them yourself could be a cost-saving, hassle-free solution.


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