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5S Garage - An Introduction to 5S and Lean Principles

The 5S Garage is an informative and entertaining 20-minute guided tour of the entire 5S process. This video provides the perspective necessary for employees to understand and engage in the 5S system. When employees are on board with the practices of 5S, it's easier to implement a 5S program and create a visual workplace, making your organization increasingly lean. Paul Schmid, Lean Facilitator and creator of 5S Garage, takes viewers through the five steps of 5S and identifies the 8 wastes to look out for. He shows that 5S is more than just a cleaning routine; it's about creating a visual workplace that everyone can understand.


  • 20-minute video
  • Set in a household garage, making it easy for everyone to relate
  • Creates an understanding of the 5S process to encourage your workplace to be more lean
  • Shows how to recognize and eliminate the 8 wastes of Lean
  • Explains how to reduce setup times with point-of-use concepts
  • Uses visual controls to create a visual workplace

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