GHS Posters

GHS Posters

Clearly communicate OSHA
guidelines and specifications.

A key part of a functional hazardous chemical labeling program is education. Employees must receive training so they can easily understand GHS labels and handle chemicals accordingly. GHS posters can help reinforce GHS training so people don’t forget the important parts of GHS labels such as the label elements or the meanings of the nine pictograms. Place these posters in locations where employees will handle chemicals or in other areas where they’ll be noticed.

Free GHS Labeling E-Book

Free GHS Labeling E-Book

Learn how-to comply with GHS requirements.

  • Custom GHS Labels

    Custom GHS Labels

  • GHS Labeling Guide Poster (Globally-Harmonized System) OSHA

    GHS Labeling Poster

  • GHS Pictogram Poster

    GHS Pictogram Poster

  • Hazardous Storage - Wall Sign

    Hazardous Storage Wall Sign

  • Chemical Safety Lab - Poster

    Chemical Safety Lab - Poster


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