LabelTac® Die Cut Technical Data Sheet


Effective Date: Oct-20-2011


LT-DC304 LabelTac Die-Cut Label Supplies are a two-ply high resistance label. The top layer is a polyester film coated with a 1mil clear topcoat protectant. It features excellent tear strength, heat resistance, dimensional stability, and chemical resistance. The clear topcoat is designed to ensure excellent thermal transfer printability. UL and c-UL recognized for overlamination and thermal transfer printing 1. The base layer is a 2mil gloss white polyester. The base layer provides consistent surface smoothness, excellent dimensional stability and endurance to varying temperatures 2.


LabalTac LT-DC304 is used for Arc Flash, Warning Labels, Danger Labels, Custom Labels, Product Labels and more.

Adhesive Properties:
Permanent acrylic adhesive

Substrate Type:
Polyester film coated with a 1mil clear topcoat protectant

Standard Material Colors:
Red, yellow, green, blue, orange; Header Colors

Recommended ribbons
LabelTac 4 - Ribbon
LabelTac 4 PRO - Ribbon
LabelTac 9 - Ribbon

Thickness (PSTC-33):
Total: 0.105 mm (0.004 in.)

Adhesive properties:
Adhesion to Stainless Steel (PSTC-1)
Ultimate dwell (72 hrs.) (Avg.) – 130 N/100mm (120 oz/in)

Adhesion to Powder Coated Metal (PSTC-101)
Ultimate Dwell (72  Hrs.) – 50 N/100mm (45 oz/in)

Adhesion to Polypropylene (PSTC-101)
Ultimate Dwell (72 Hrs.) (Avg) – 60 N/100mm (55 oz/in)

Adhesion to Textured ABS (PSTC-101)
Ultimate Dwell (72 Hrs.) (Avg) – 25 N/100mm (25 oz/in)

Tack (ASTM D2979)
(Avg.) -- 700 g (7 N)

Minimum Application Temperature:
5°C (40°F)

Service Temperature:
-40°F to 180°F (-40°C to 80°C)

Average Outdoor Durability:
Up to 5 years (Average expected outdoor life of product will depend on user definition of failure, climatic conditions, mounting techniques and material color.)

Storage Stability:
1-year shelf life when stored at 70°F and 50% relative humidity.

Label Quanity:
200 Per Roll - Package