Short Circuit Arc Flash Calculation Software

Short Circuit Arc Flash Calculation Software
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    The Short-Circuit-Analytic (SCA) software performs available fault currents calculations in three-phase electric power systems you are working with. The program takes into consideration electrical parameters of the power supply as well as the power distribution system including utility, cables, bus ducts, transformers, generators, motors, etc. SCA automatically converts the entire system into a unique impedance unit from which the short circuit current at each point is calculated. The process is simple, efficient, and will save you both money and time.

    • Calculates minimum and maximum available 3-phase short circuit currents at each bus within your power distribution system
    • Computes contributions from generators and motors
    • Prints out multi-page single line diagrams
    • Saves calculation results and equipment data
    • Complements ARCAD software for arc flash hazard analysis and labeling




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      Short Circuit Arc Flash Calculation Software

      Short Circuit Arc Flash Calculation Software