SignCast™ S200 Virtual Sign Projector - Stop Sign

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SignCast S200 Virtual Sign Projector - Stop Sign
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    SignCast S200 Virtual Sign Projector - Stop Sign

    When it comes to directing forklift and pedestrian traffic, you can't go wrong with a common Stop Sign to direct pedestrians and drivers to come to a complete stop before continuing on. However, vinyl and painted signs tend fade and chip away with time. With the SignCast S200 unit, project an easy-to-notice virtual Stop Sign anywhere necessary and completely remove the chore of reapplying and retouching the same stop sign.

    The SignCast S200 Series Virtual Sign Projector is the easiest solution for marking floors and walls, using visually striking and noticeable virtual signs. Perfect for facilities that are unable to utilize mounted wall signs or adhesive floor signs, the SignCast S200 projects a bright and clear virtual image of your choosing over any surface and needs zero repainting, retouching, or replacing.

    While most signs tend to fade or chip away, the SignCast S200 creates a brilliant and noticeable sign from day one. Once it’s installed, there’s no maintenance required, and no need to worry about replacing damaged signs on floors and walls. Simply plug the SignCast S200 into the nearest outlet and adjust the zoom lens until the projection is clear. Choose from a variety of pre-made sign or customize your own with help from our team of sign designers.


    Technical Specifications


    • Power: 150W/240W
    • Input Voltage: AC110V-240V
    • Luminous Flux: 15000-24000LM
    • Light Source: LED
    • Power Cord: 3-foot power cable with 3-prong connector


    • Weight: 10lbs
    • Body Material: Aluminum Alloy
    • Product Size (mm): 8in x 10in x 7in
    • Maximum Projection Distance: 23 - 43 ft
    • IP: IP65


    • Operating Temperature: -22°F to 122°F (-30°C to 50°C)

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    SignCast S200 Virtual Sign Projector - Stop Sign

    SignCast S200 Virtual Sign Projector - Stop Sign


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