50-Gallon Wheeled Spill Kit

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50-Gallon Wheeled Spill Kit
  • 50-Gallon Wheeled Spill Kit
  • 50-Gallon Wheeled Spill Kit
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When it comes to spills, timing is truly everything. A spill can go from large to enormous in just a few minutes. To be prepared for some of the biggest spills, our 50-Gallon Wheeled Spill Kit is your best defense. Whether a spill occurs due to an overturned drum or a pierced tank, having the proper clean-up supplies is absolutely critical. Don't rely on a simple mop and bucket combination to clean-up hazardous spills as this will just dilute and spread the dangerous substances. Instead, stop a spill in its tracks with the necessary sorbents and supplies.

Our 50-Gallon Wheeled Spill Kit is loaded with everything you need to safely clean-up a large hazardous spill. Whether the spill contains oils, coolants, or solvents, our kit can handle the clean-up. All spill clean-up supplies are pre-packaged in an X-rated, DOT-approved, 50-gallon OverPack. Furthermore, the self-contained kit helps to keep sorbent products in one easy-to-access location that is always ready when needed. When spill clean-up supplies are easily accessible, it allows for quicker response times and a reduction in the risk for slips and falls.

Other notable features include:
A twist-on, double-wall lid with a closed-cell gasket which provides a sealed closure to protect sorbents from moisture, dust, and other possible damage. Our kits are also rust and corrosion resistant and feature 100% polyethylene. This means our kits are very durable and capable of enduring even rough handling.
Furthermore, the convenient all-in-one setup allows for easy maneuvering on the two attached wheels. Lastly, the bucket also comes equipped with a built-in handle so you don't need a dolly or any material handling equipment to move or transport the kit.

Are you looking for something else or added supplies? We offer customized spill kits to meet your business' exact needs and specifications. Please contact us at 1-866-777-1360 for more information.


  • (Qty.100) - 15" x 19" Gray Universal HeavyWeight Defender Pads 
  • (Qty.6) - 3" x 4' Gray Universal Sorbent Socks 
  • (Qty.4) - 3" X 12' Gray Universal Sorbent Socks
  • (Qty.1) - Emergency Response GuideBook
  • (Qty.4) - 30" X 60" Yellow Disposal Bags & Ties 
  • (Qty.2) - Pair Nitrile Gloves
  • (Qty.2) - Safety Goggles
  • (Qty.2) - Coveralls
  • (Qty.1) - 29" X 23.5" X 36.75: Yellow 50- Gallon Wheeled Container 
  • (Qty.1) - 3" x 5" Vinyl Spill Kit Label
  • (Qty.6) - 6" x 2" TamperProof Seals
  • (Qty.3) - 28oz Shaker SuperSorb
  • (Qty.4) - 25/pkg Wipers

Other features include:

  • Twist-on, double-wall lid with closed-cell gasket that seals and secures closure to protect sorbents from moisture, dust, and damage
  • Rust and corrosion free
  • 100% polyethylene that's durable enough to handle rough handling
  • All-in-one setup allows for easy maneuvering on two attached wheels
  • Built-in handle so you don't need a dolly or material handling equipment


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