Case Study - Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
Products used: Pipe marking labels

Company Profile

The Metropolitan Water District (MWD) of Southern California delivers water to 14 cities, 11 municipal water districts, and one county water authority in Southern California. These public agencies then provide water to 19 million people per day. MWD manages aqueducts, reservoirs, pipes, and water treatment plants, including four of the 10 largest water treatment plants in the world. The District also assists with water conservation and recycling efforts.

The Task

One of MWD’s water treatment plants underwent an upgrade project. Afterward, the facility was looking to improve its pipe marking system. While the plant did have some marked pipes, managers wanted to make adjustments and add labels so the color scheme was consistent, easy to understand, and complied with all ANSI and OSHA requirements.

The Solution

Pipe Markers

The MWD developed an improved color scheme for labeling pipes that contained fluids and gases such as water, ozone, nitrogen, and sulfuric acid. A team used a LabelTac® printer to create new labels for use indoors and outdoors at the water treatment plant. Many of the labels contained arrows to indicate flow direction and colored banding appropriate for pipe marking labels in water treatment facilities.

LabelTac Printers Pipe Marking Labels


The Results

The new labels are standardized, noticeable, and easy to read, so employees at this water treatment plant can quickly identify the contents of pipes. MWD can feel more confident that its pipe markings will serve their intended purpose.

Try making your own pipe marking labels for your facility with a  LabelTac® printer.