Case Study - North Carolina High School Athletic Association

NCHSAA and Creative Safety Supply


NCHSAA Event Floor Banner

The 2013 calendar year was an exciting time for high school athletics in North Carolina. It marked the 100th year of the North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA). To celebrate the milestone, the association held an event that was to ‘honor the past, embrace the present, and help shape the future’ of the Association.

‘A Night To Remember’ was held on January 11th, 2014, but the work started well before that. The team started putting the event together nearly a year in advance to ensure a smooth event. They had a tight budget to work from and were in need of some key resources to make their event a success. The venue used to hold the celebration was large and elegant, but was going to need some visuals to make it work.

After a few quick searches on the web, the representative from the NCHSAA was able to get in contact with Creative Safety Supply (CSS). Even though the two organizations were located on opposite coasts, the relationship quickly grew. The NCHSAA representative expressed their needs and what they hoped to accomplish with them to the creative team at CSS. They needed visuals to help showcase the event as well as direct guests and provide the necessary information where it was needed most.


NCHSSA Event Pop-Up Signs


The Association is a voluntary, non-profit corporation. They are administers to the state’s interscholastic athletic programs, to which North Carolina public or non-boarding parochial high school is eligible for membership as long as they are accredited by the State Department of Public Instruction and maintain the prescribed code to guarantee fair competition.

It began as an idea by professor Dr. Louis Round Wilson from the University of North Carolina. He was seeking to create an association that would help standardize regulations and ensure fairness among high school athletics. In 1912, he was awarded a total of $600 to kick start his project and the rest is history.

Today, the Association has 390 member schools and certifies the eligibility of over 150,000 student athletes annually. They are now the single entity working with high school athletics in North Carolina.

The mission of the NCHSAA is to provide governance and leadership for interscholastic athletic programs that support and enrich the educational experience of students.” --NCHSAA Mission Statement


Donations Requested:

NCHSAA 100 To Remember sign

The representative from NCHSAA reached CSS via the web and used CSS’s online “Donation Request Form” to make a formal request. They were very clear as to the message and purpose of the materials requested. The event was to be held in a large ballroom that many of the invited guests had never been to. They needed signage that would showcase the NCHSSA brand, direct guests to desired locations and inform them of important information.

“I was conducting online research and searching for custom large-sized graphics for our special event. I came across the Creative Safety Supply site and found the online donation request section, which I completed to see if our organization and event would qualify. My ultimate goal was to secure donated/in-kind product for use to brand our special 100th year celebratory gala event.” --Karen Moose DeHart, Associate Commissioner, NCHSAA

The creative team at CSS was able to use the information provided by Dehart, which included imagery and dimensions, to come up with the materials they needed.

These included:

  • Banners to welcome guests and inform them where registration was.
  • Floor signs to create pathways and provide important information to guests in specific locations.
  • Window/Door clings to make the entryway informative and visually appealing to guests as they arrived.

Creative Safety Supply’s philosophy:

CSS is an organization that prides itself on supporting non-profit organizations that work towards creating better, stronger, and healthier communities for all to enjoy, both locally and nationally. CSS understands each non-profit organization has its unique value to their communities needs and strives to support those needs, when possible. The annual budget at CSS has allocated funds for supporting these organizations, however no cash donations are available. The donation policy is solely based off the products CSS can provide to your organization. By working closely with your organization, CSS can determine the right products and needs to improve the safety and/or organization to help you out.

Things to consider when requesting donation supplies from CSS:

  1. Purpose of the event: How is your event going to better your community and create a safe atmosphere? What are the specific supplies you will need in order to run a safe and organized event? Almost all donation requests are in the form of a customized product. As a result, CSS requires a 60 day notice to process and supply donation requests in most cases.
  2. Your goals: What will you do with the products CSS is going to provide you with? Providing this information will help CSS determine if they are a good fit for your organization’s goals and mission.
  3. Our mission: As an organization, CSS is dedicated to safety and hazard awareness. We are always looking for positive ways to spread this message, whether it’s in the workplace or through community outreach programs.

NCHSAA and Creative Safety Supply:

NCHSAA Door Sign

CSS was more than happy to support this historic event. The careful planning and attention to detail by both parties, was extremely important, especially when it came down to the wire.

“The quality and look of the decals and signage was awesome! The door decals, window decals and floor decals were terrific and really welcomed the attendees to our events…the wall and desk signage and registration signage also made a positive impact on the overall feel of the event and branded our 100th year celebration really well. I was extremely pleased with the production and the final product!” --Karen Moose DeHart, Associate Commissioner, NCHSAA

“People were actually stopping just to take pictures of the floor and window signs and in awe of how good they looked.” --Rick Struck, Associate Commissioner, NCHSAA




When planning a big event, you have to be well prepared. Part of the NCHSAA’s success was that they knew what they wanted and how long it was going to take to get it, well in advance of their event. They used the proper communication channels and were able to provide the materials on time and in the right format to fulfill their needs, making it that much easier for CSS to provide assistance.

The night truly was a ‘Night to Remember’ for all of the 750 guests who attended the centennial event. Creative Safety Supply was proud to support and be a part of the historic event. We hope to continue in our efforts to provide those in need, our industry leading visual safety products.

“It was an event that people will talk about for a long time, the reaction was tremendous and Creative Safety Supply was a big part of that.” --Rick Struck, Associate Commissioner, NCHSAA

If your organization feels like CSS could help your next event or project be safer and more efficient, please feel free to follow the link below and submit a request for donation.