GHS Label Printers

Updating your HazCom labels so they comply with the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) 2012 standard can take a lot of time and effort. An industrial label printer simplifies the process by allowing you to print custom GHS labels on demand for the hazardous chemical containers in your facility. For facilities that print large numbers of GHS labels, an in-house printer can decrease overall labeling costs. A GHS label printer also makes it easy to create new labels for your secondary containers, right when you need them.

  • GHS Label Maker
    GHS Industrial Label Machine $999.99

    Includes 1 roll of supply and one ribbon: The LabelTac® 4 PRO Industrial Thermal Printer is the easiest way to print all of your GHS, Pipe Marking, 5S, Lean, and other labels in-house! • Print...

  • GHS Label Printer
    LabelTac 6 Duo Color GHS Printer $12,999.00 $12,899.00

    Create unique, multi-colored labels for GHS, arc flash, safety, and other applications with the LabelTac® 6 Duo. This model prints in two colors simultaneously, giving you the flexibility to create eye-catching labels...

  • LabelTac 4 GHS Package
    LabelTac 4 GHS Package $1,599.00

    LabelTac® 4 GHS Package This LabelTac® 4 GHS Label Printer Package is the most effective way to print indoor/outdoor signs and labels up to 4" tall and 40" long, that are UV, chemical, weather, water, and...

  • LabelTac 4 PRO GHS Package
    LabelTac 4 PRO GHS Package $1,699.00

    LabelTac® 4 PRO GHS Package GHS stands for Globally Harmonized System and is a method for categorizing and labeling hazardous chemicals (similar to NFPA, RTK, or color bar labeling). It is emerging as a true global...

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