At what voltage can an arc flash occur?

How much voltage is required for an arc flash to occur is a very common question, but the answer isn’t always as simple as one would like. In general, arc faults only occur in systems that are 120 volts or higher, but that is not a hard rule. If the conductors are very close together, even a lower voltage level can create a small arc flash.

Arc Flash Safety

High voltage electrical systemJust because a lower voltage arc flash, or even just a spark, from an electrical system isn’t going to cause serious injuries immediately, however, doesn’t mean that they aren’t a risk. For example, if there is a low voltage fault that results in a small spark or arc, it could come into contact with a highly flammable item like dust, sawdust, cotton, gasoline, or other things. It doesn’t take much to ignite these types of things, resulting in a devastating fire. In addition, if a system is operating in such a way that a small shock or arc can occur, it there are likely other issues that could cause more serious problems.

Danger Raises with Voltage

Of course, as the voltage levels go up in a system, the danger associated with an arc flash is also going to go up dramatically. As the energy in the system grows, the potential size of the arc flash expands as well. For very high-voltage systems, an arc flash can span several feet, with temperatures reaching tens of thousands of degrees. In addition, they can trigger explosions, which can cause massive amounts of damage to everything in the area.

Keeping Electrical Systems Safe

The best way to avoid arc flashes at any voltage level is to ensure your electrical systems are properly maintained at all times. In addition, your systems should have the proper circuit breakers and other safety items that can cut off the flow of electricity almost instantly should there be a fault. This will help to dramatically reduce the size and duration of an arc flash, which could save lives and limit damage.


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