What is a Kanban board?

Kanban is a system that has been used since the 1940’s when Taiichi Ohno helped innovate Toyota Motor Company’s manufacturing process. Kanban concepts help to reduce waste, increase productivity, and streamline the way things can be done in any workplace. The Kanban board is one type of tool that can help to visualize all of the work that needs to be done in any given area. The Kanban board will include all steps in a project, both big and small, so they can be planned for and implemented successfully by the team.

Examples of Kanban Boards

There are many ways to use a Kanban board in a workplace. They can either be physical boards, including whiteboards, tack boards, and more, or a digital Kanban board. The digital options are run on computers and can be accessed throughout a facility, and updated as needed. Which one will work best will depend on the physical environment, the work that needs to be done, and a variety of other factors. Many companies will start out using a physical board, and then upgrade to a digital version once they have seen the benefits of this strategy.

What is On a Kanban Board?

A basic Kanban board will include the different steps that need to be completed in a process. This will include what planning has to happen, what team will be assigned to specific tasks, information on when the tasks should be completed, and more. Having all of this information in one central location helps to keep everyone on track since they will know where to check for further information on what they should be doing.

How Does it Work?

The Kanban board is simply a ‘visual signal’ location that helps to organize tasks. It works by providing a centralized location for visual communication between various people within a workplace. Without this type of tool, people from various departments would have to hold meetings, or get together some other way. Once a Kanban board is put up, it will make it much easier to facilitate the necessary planning and communication, as well as provide instructions to those doing the work. In the end, this will help to maximize productivity and minimize many types of waste that may exist in a facility.

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