What is TQM?

TQM, also known as Total Quality Management, is known to be a customer satisfaction-based management approach for products, services, processes, and the culture that the employees uphold at the business. One of the main goals of implementing this strategy in the workplace is to eliminate defects and waste during production. To do this, there are eight key elements of TQM that are needed to be successful:

  1. The TQM system is customer-focused as the consumer is the main influencer on the quality of the product. If the product is met with approval from the customer, then all the work done up to that point has been a success.
  2. Participation by all employees is critical, this can be accomplished by implementing work teams and continuous improvement goals. Management must also provide an environment in which all employees feel safe and motivated to work.
  3. TQM is very process-centered because monitoring the steps at which products go through is essential in picking out defects.
  4. TQM uses an integrated system where micro-processes and the working cultures present in individual workplaces lead up to the overall expectations of the customer. TQM has been described as a horizontal process focus rather than a vertical one which often is made up of several different departments. A horizontal progression enables tasks to mesh with each other rather than fall down the ladder of departments.
  5. Strategic management is another big part of TQM as that is what leads the company through its goals, missions, and overall vision of the company.
  6. Continual improvement is essential in managing proper TQM methodologies. This will give the company an edge when it comes to competition with other businesses.
  7. Data based decision making is another large part of upholding TQM to its full potential. This will help with decision making accuracy, meet consensus, as well as allow for predictions based on past data.
  8. Communication is the last element of TQM. It assists in maintaining moral and motivation in employees especially during times where there is organizational change such as implementing a new TQM strategy.

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