What Does a Hazard Diamond Sign Mean?

Hazard diamonds, also known as hazard warning signs or diamond-shaped placards, are used to communicate the potential hazards of chemicals, materials, or equipment. These signs are typically found in workplaces, such as industrial facilities or laboratories, where hazardous substances are present.

NFPA Diamond

Hazard diamonds are made up of four colored panels that are arranged in a diamond shape. The colors and symbols on the panels indicate the type of hazard present and the necessary precautions that should be taken. The top panel is usually blue and indicates the hazard type, such as a health hazard or environmental hazard. The left and right panels are usually red and indicate the degree of flammability or explosiveness of the hazard. The bottom panel is usually yellow and indicates any special precautions or handling instructions for the hazard.

In addition to the colored panels, hazard diamonds may also include symbols, numbers, or words that provide additional information about the hazard. For example, a flame symbol may indicate a high degree of flammability, while a skull and crossbones symbol may indicate a severe health hazard.

It is important for employees to be aware of hazard diamonds and to follow the precautions indicated on the signs. This can help to prevent accidents and injuries in the workplace. Make sure to provide proper training to all of your employees, vendors, and others who regularly visit your facility to ensure they can recognize the signs and know what they mean. 


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