What is the NSC?

The NSC is the National Safety Council, a nonprofit organization that has been a leading advocate for safety since its founding in 1913. Its mission is to reduce the number of preventable deaths that occur in the U.S. Although the Council has several areas of focus, including eliminating preventable deaths that occur in communities, at home, and on the road, one of its main goals is to advocate for occupational health and safety. To help accomplish this, the organization has an Alliance with OSHA to help prevent injuries and fatalities in the workplace. Together the NSC and OSHA address safety issues within general industry by developing compliance assistance tools and establishing best practices.

Members of the National Safety Council

The Council currently has more than 50,000 members. By becoming an NSC member, businesses receive access to training and consulting services that combat common workplace hazards and help a business establish a complete safety culture that embraces compliance. Members also gain access to the most current safety information and receive tools to help eliminate preventable deaths and injuries in their workplace. The NSC is a credible source of information for occupational safety, and it provides leadership, research, education, and advocacy as it seeks to have a better understanding of how workers get injured; each day, 14 Americans leave for work and don’t come back, and the number one cause of workplace deaths is motor vehicle crashes.

Employers who take action to ensure worker safety and show they care about their employees returning home often are able to see increased productivity, lowered costs, and improved morale. The NSC aims to be an important and effective resource for employers as they focus on eliminating preventable deaths at work. As the Council says, death should never be the cost of doing business. While there is still some progress to be made to completely eliminate occupational fatalities, the National Safety Council has achieved great strides in keeping workers safe.


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