Creating GHS Labels with LabelSuite™



Creating GHS Labels with LabelSuite™

GHS labeling protects workers and helps facilitate the safe handling of hazardous substances. LabelSuite™ makes creating GHS labels headache-free.

First, open LabelSuite™, and click "Use a Label Assistant". Select GHS Labeling, to enter the editor. LabelSuite™ contains an extensive collection of over 1,300 chemicals within its database. If a particular chemical is not listed, our labeling assistant can guide you through the required elements, by the "Add new substance" feature.

LabelSuite™ allows us to search its GHS content library for the substance we need. Select acetone and hit next to confirm the label's details. Additionally, to make it consistent with other labels, you can add more pictograms or other elements using the edit this substance option. Select your desired label size, orientation, and language, then hit "Print Preview" to review your design.

We are now ready to print our label. For more information, visit

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